today we are in….. in the banana bar and that is in? banana land no in the red light district in Amsterdam city by the way look the boys already coverd al the nude for the youtube so you cant get offended by the nude parts what is under it btw? no jim you can,t look!!! what is that in your hands? it,s a magnet it,s the new terror magnet it,s called terror because it is terror thats our normal magnet when is it pulling towards it? it,s a scary magnet crazy! i don,t want it i,m scared of it who is coming with is today? mark, our famous film actor and we have brian look what mark made looks like a magnet fishing pole take a look long! how can you take it with? in your backback or in the caddy van, you know good magnet fishers have a caddy van you need a white caddy look it comes apart even cookiebeer can take this with im on the motorcycle tell us brian today we are going magnetfishing by throwing i really want to, because we have a new stronger magnet for throwing in the chanels of amsterdam city with the ferry going over nick, like it? yes i also say yes the uboot is still there old favorite we can also go there mackerels come from the sea gift from papa hendrikus sweet of him! is this a tender spot? let,s go ghostbusters ghostbusters the new terror fishing magnet its a shank and a ? it,s a bottle cap from my favorite beer maker you alsways find bottlecaps did they already found something? nice throw nick! the guys have fun i can tell we came with the ferry look what you need to wear here lifejackets wear all time standing here i dont have a lifejacket i dont need one dont care because i can swimm did the music come from his beehive hat??? now i,ve seen it all i just saw a bob marley with a beehive hat, on i bicycle and the music came from his hat…. look what nick found a nice NICK le he always finds coins the boys doing what they do best they already found many chain locks chainlocks from the chanel you are doing great already caught something? yes i am stuck another chain lock on top of the magnet normally you fish these on the other side of the magnet that,s our buddy piet i recognized you immediately already found something? many chains i,m a big fan of wathdutch from amsterdam great!! shoutout for our buddy piet from amsterdam shout out for piet boat tours honk the horn piet! honk! when can i see myself? in the video this evening i think succes guys! don,t do grumpy you already found such nice finds i,m trying to catch something better look what i have look look yet another lock…. we didn,t found one of those yet/// these locks arn,t that great here in amsterdam, they are al broken and open they break easily i think those amsterdam chainlocks.. hi mark, were did you come from 😛 walked past you by chance i cam with the boat from piet and that is the boat from pieter heyn i think i have something please let it be a gun mayby another chainlock , they are all the same kind of locks yes they are nick just found this coin and it is a? 2 cents penny are you lucky now? yes i like it nicks nice coin now we caught some other nice coins don,t know what for coin it is and brian caught this one to british coin? look at them happy brian? yes ofcourse every coin is a good find but i expected more from amsterdam but amsterdam is huge! what you dindn,t knew nick works normally in this hotdog stand you didn,t knew that he works there i took a day off for magnetfishing and than you go magnetfishing just for your workspot :-p to show them i also have other things to do than just work you life for working? i life for working, but i work for living oke, i didn,t knew that close the doors marc is going wild today you scared the pigeons away!!… what is it? and it is? hanging from the magnet! bicyle the magnet going afther the bike you saw? it,s a waterbike come! got it? it,s a new one! and you also caught a lock and coin! coin! everything at once! box! Box nicky box marc! pulled it up with the magnet! crazy and a lock and a coin and so it comes off i enjoy seeing jim eating makes him happy and nick, he doesn,t like bread he ate much last night he at 12 i think does he have white bread? it,s white but is doesn,t look white because of his dirty hands 😛 what is this? you are the cable guy is it electric? it is! from a house or something if it,s electric brian gets all crazy for it what did you caught? a padlock throwing is hard and a padlock i see nich fished this nice padlock can me sawed open of just be open jim found this steel ball looks like a marble it,s called a looyer when playing with marbles it,s worth 2 bonke bonkes in the game you know how the old saying goes right? coming back isn,t the same as staying it,s written on the wall wat a coincidence 😛 look like something from a machine look it has a handle and a rubber strap look you also caught some coins! look we are finding al sorts of coins today if you know what for coins they are please comment below more chains only chainlocks today Here on the Costa del Sol there my heart beat with love how could he warm me, here at that costa del sol we have to hurry it up nick is going to his helicopter flying lessons so we have to cut fishing amsterdam short a few weeks ago we went live, and there i saw somthing very cute we have a small girl fan, named zoey and the always is watching our video,s and every night says, good night sleep well sweet nick so i bought somthing i orderd this bear for her, with her name on it so you can sleep with your own teddybear together every night so if your father can give me a call, i will ship it to you asap! 😀 so this is coming your way! i think she will rename it nick 😛 can,t because the bear is named zoey already gold! this was something i had to do so papa zoey give us a call you have to go to your flying lessons! yes heli flying lessons! we do everything! see ya! i will sit in the middle, so you can sit by the window i will go first! crazy! it feels like a rollercoaster ride! did marc caught something already? you can shorten the magnet fishing pole it,s for deeper water some times you need longer poles even deeper sometimes size doesn,t matter they say what you can do with is what counts 😛 noooo he is totally crazy he,s under water for a long time he caught it! it is? it,s a old coal-scuttle wow mud coal-scuttle almost it really is a coal-scuttle nice one with the handle like that very nice coal-scuttle do you have wrench 13 for me please? yes i have made in germany look he brought his own isle Marc was talking about an island this morning I think he meant this island this way you can camouflaged magnet fish Then you are going to sit behind it and then people think what’s that sound and then they only see an island and then you go a bit further and then you just take the island with you next time we see a piece of reeds floating, we always think of marc they sent me into the cane jim you sit down there nice the life of a camera man is not always about reed but we have the real film star marc with us.. known from TV brian finds something very nice look on the knees it is an anchor if you throw him it opens and one thing to secure him good quality I am standing on the water, but brian is completely submerged I am Jesus they said better not throw too late it is a pocket knife bread knife or a pocket knife? nice what do you have a fire extinguisher a brand new one its not a fire extingquisher? yes it is !! a stove maybe i found a boat! shall I give the hook? a pallet yes Brian found a tunnel again we can make a new video ! it is a very long tunnel really? yes he goes all the way to that tower we have been in amsterdam, at the bunkers, at the canal, and next video we also go into the tunnel that’s crazy right? that’s crazy, is not it marc? wow liquorice you’re fine here the coins of the day Put them a little nicer look beautiful cool coins !! and this with a mackerel

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