Lots of Fish/ Glatved Beach/ Angling & Diving/  Denmark, juli 17th., 2015

Lots of Fish/ Glatved Beach/ Angling & Diving/ Denmark, juli 17th., 2015

Angling- snorkeling- and underwater photography-video, July 16th., 2015, The central part of Glatved Beach in Denmark on the peninsula, Djursland. This is the stony east coast of Djursland, (at the entrance to The Baltic between Denmark and Sweden) There are 50 kilometers of good snorkeling and fishing coast here. This is one of the classical beaches on this coastline. With good conditions for diving out here. I meet a seasoned diver, maybe more seasoned than me, five minutes ago. He talked about all the sea trout he had seen, amongst others fish in the five kilo class, by the pier close by, just south of here. I have dived many times this year, more than 10 times, and far more than 10 times last year, without seeing much of sea trout. Actually I have only seen a few undersized ones. I think this might be because I may too much noise. Now I will see if I can be quiet, in an attempt to change this sad state of affairs. Let’s check what might be in the water here, at Glatved Beach on Djursland in Denmark. The diver from before swam that way, so I will swim the opposite way, down towards the pier up there, a locally known place to dive from. I am about a kilometer up from the pier. Let’s see what might be seen underwater that way up. There is a stretch with stones in the start. Everything looks nice and healthy. This is a Class A coast. There are lots of flounders out here. One could collect for many meals. Apart from that I also saw some brill. A species that is a bit more rare, There were also a few Greater weevers, and a couple of Snake pipefish, that belong to the same family as Seahorses. Fish that one usually does not see, as they don’t bite onto hooks, or get caught in nets, as they are to slim for that. Here were I started, it get’s deep pretty fast. It’s 3 – 4 meters deep about 15 meters out. After the first stony stretch the bottom changes to sand. The bottom looks completely healthy. This is because we are in The Kattegat Sea with good circulation up and down the coast. Different kinds of nice looking seaweeds. The Dead man’s Rope weed has become at least a meter longer, since I dived here the last time in early spring. Clearly mackerel will pass by in late summer and autumn, to clear what there is of fish fry that have grown up during the summer. Of course there are also Garfish in spring. I didn’t see any sea trout, but this is sea trout water – no doubt about that. In the summer they typically come in close to the coast, early in the mornings, and late evenings. Maybe they are also here now, but swim away, when they sense someone like me. There were quite a few fish in the wrasse- family. Small curious fish, that can be seen close to the shore. They are a bit shy. More shy than last year, it seems. If that is because something eats them around here, I don’t know. Maybe also because the water is a bit colder, so that they are more energetic. As to recommending this place for angling, it is in the top-end. This is also based on experience with this coast, through decades of angling. As to snorkeling the recommendation is also good. There were a lot of flounders, and I know, that if one swims the opposite way up the coast, there are some really interesting spots along the coast. It has also been awarding to swim this way, south, down the coast. Sweden is over there. This direction is south, towards Kobberhage (Copperhead) the southern-most part of Djursland. As to underwater photography, there are clearly good possibilities here. I didn’t see really big stones, which give a good foothold for vegetation, and also supply hiding places for marine life. It’s the first time this year, that I have seen fish fry. Quite tiny. I don’t know how much of it one can see on the recordings. Last year in late summer, there was a lot of fry some places. Including Sand lance fish and young Garfish. This might also be the case here later on. The spring of 2015 has been colder than average, and the summer was not as warm as last year, so it will probably come later on. I don’t know if there is so much more to say about this place, apart from that it can be recommended. Maybe I should mention, that one should clean up after oneself. There are signs saying that driving here with an errand is allowed, and that staying on the beach in daytime and bathing is allowed, but the area is privately owned. There are some balances with regards to not misusing this place. At the same time Danish legislation secures the public admittance to all beaches, this supports a right to be here. But there is no reason to behave like a ferret in a blood frenzy, just because there are a lot of fish here. Take what you need for a single meal, and not much more than that. That is my recommendation. As a species we humans originate from hunter gatherers, and it gives us satisfaction to be able to come home with dinner. But this thing with keeping on killing, is ferret-like behavior, that is not part of civilized people. It is easy to get into a killing mode, and just keep on, but this I would like to encourage against. One could also do what yours sincerely does, which is to go hunting with a camera. This is also fun. I can assure that I have been a ferret, with regards to fish – amply. Home and fill the freezer. But now I think it’s fun to take pictures. Fine beach. All from Glatved Beach a kilometer north of the pier, a known landmark.

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