Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review
local_offerevent_note September 29, 2019

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18 thoughts on “Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review”

  • nice review. I have the same kayak. Unfortunately lifetime are not going to make the sail kit. I did get the motor mount for it which works well.

  • Good review. I will be waiting until spring before i purchase a kayak, so I will be watching your videos to see if this is the one for me. I'm 5' 7" and 220 pounds. I'm looking for a kayak for crappie and bass fishing on lazy creeks and small oxbow lakes, but where I may have to pull across beaver dams, and portage from creek to creek. I've also been looking at the Sun Dolphin Journey SS 10. Good job on your videos.

  • +Hull Down Kayak Fishing I saw a video where a guy made a pole holder and camera mount with 3/4 PVC. A cutting board for bait ect….. I ordered mine yesterday. Got an excursion for my boy. Can wait to cast off with him!

  • My wife ordered me this same kayak for Christmas. It's not here yet, but I was wondering if given the chance, would you buy this kayak again?

  • What's your take on the reports of these commonly being delivered with through-holes along the horizontal seams? Based on that, I have to wonder about the quality control at this company. I really want one of these, but they can't be purchased from stock at any brick-and-mortar I can find. Buying it sight-unseen and possibly having to ship it back has really put me off on this deal. Too bad, it's the only tandem fishing kayak I've found that will fit on the back of my crew-cab Ford without an expensive rack system or a trailer. I've been very disappointed to discover that the manufacturer has these issues.

  • If you still have this kayak: how has it held up? Have you tried standing to cast or throw a cast net? Do you think it would be possible to build covers over the footwells to provide a flat surface for easier standing? Also, thanks for taking the time to upload your video!

  • my back rod holders make the rods angled forward while yours the rods on are angled toward the back. is it a different design or mine just was installed incorrectly? thank you

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