LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Deep Sea Creatures Angler Fish | Lego Speed Build 31088

Lego creator 3-in-1 Deep
sea creatures! deep-sea creatures you’re right, we’ve already built the shark, which
one you got to build? out tag are you doing this yeah welcome to bricktopia. Oh!
We already built the shark, which one do you want to build now William? Angler fish! you want to build this guy?
alright! so what’s the first thing we have to do? Break down the crabby crab!
let’s break it down! woo looks like the shark has been
disassembled and put in purest color pieces are you ready to build this
angler fish guys yeah we’re starting off I think we have this little tiny little
redfish that the angler fish eats off of us that we’re building first looks like
that we know what’s gonna happen here that angler fish is going after this guy!
oh he looks worried! great you’re done building them already look at his eyes he looks
scared this is look this looks like a really
cool them fish he looks very worried he’s like someone saved my life
this is the cutest little fish ever well you’re already good at this angler fish
look at this thing already it’s all red on the inside
yeah we’ve got fins on this bad boy now look at this thing you got this all
figured out pop it on let’s take a look Wow hey this little fish looks a little
worried about this guy what part of the fish you building now wait
the like part I never seen an angler fish in real life are they scary you
live on the bottom of the sea you started to get on the tail there oh
there’s a tail piece right there I think that little ball good-looking fish so
far no it’s another layer of blue on top this thing is getting multi-layered
that’s a big draw for that angler fish rawr
do you think this is part of the teeth right here what do you think this is
this is a scary looking thing you look scared Hey look at this he actually fits
in that guy’s mouth we’ve got this guy built up to here now
it’s time to build the jaw this is his bottom jaw this thing is big
he’s got like two rows of teeth in here look at this little fish no that’s it
for him we clock it on this guy’s bottom jaw
okay is it easy helping we suggest the caring fish do that job move up and down
hello welcome to our YouTube channel I don’t
know what his problem is okay we can we fit that smart fish inside there now we
got to finish building this big boy I think he needs his tail and he needs his
head and paw part of this jaw that’s for certain
here’s the top jaw it looks like it’s got two rows of teeth teeth this thing
has a lot of teeth this thing is all mouth look at this
Devon jaws huge rawr hey come back here ah oh now that yeah that really moves
very little that top jaw now we’ll put the top fin right OH
whomp-whomp okay that top fin is on now this guy is starting to look I think
this is where we attaches top light that angry fish after big things on either
side I think that we put these here yeah push it down and turn around oh that is
the eye what does the other one look like wow look at this guy he is
scary-looking isn’t he I hate be in the water with this guy
okay what do we got here is this his top light pop it on Oh take a look I know he
needs his tail yeah he’s got lots of pieces left
that’s his top light anger fish happen all right is this the tail piece I think
we’re gonna be done here oh no okay are we done now wow I think I built that
backwards okay I think this tail looks a little bit better when you think quick
now let’s take a look at mister angler fish this is one scary-looking fish
that’s a good look for him

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