Krystal Flash Midge Emerger – Fly Tying Tutorial – Trout Fly

Krystal Flash Midge Emerger – Fly Tying Tutorial – Trout Fly

The Krystal Flash Midge Emerger is a simple
and effective midge pattern. It only uses 3 materials, and can be tied
very quickly. You’ll want to use a curved, or scud hook
like this Umpqua U202 and a fine thread like this 70 denier ultra
thread. Start your thread just behind the eye of the
hook and secure with a few wraps rearward. Then proceed to wrap your thread smoothly,
to about half way down the hook shank. Now we will attach an extra small wire and
cover the tag end of the wire completely. If your thread starts to get twisted, untwist
it by spinning the bobbin counter clockwise. Then wrap all the way down the hook shank
as far as you feel comfortable, and then back up to just shy of the eye of
the hook. Now start spiraling the wire up the hook shank
evenly and capture it just behind the eye of the hook. Then you can simply spiral the wire off. Now bring your thread back to the start of
the head of the fly and attach two strands of Krystal Flash in
the center of the clump. Then pull the two tag ends back and tie those
down. Wrap in front of the flash to build a small
head on the fly You can wrap behind the flash in order to
stand it up a bit. Whip finish your fly and cut off the thread
close. Then cut the krystal flash about to the end
of the hook. As you can see it extends as long as the hook. Finally add some head cement to keep everything
in place. And there we have it, a simple and effective
midge emerger pattern. Hey thanks for watching!
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Now, go catch some fish!

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  • While fishing on the Bighorn four years ago, the midge hatch was so heavy that we could not distinguish our dries from the naturals.  While tying that evening one in our group had some Flash Blend.  I tied this with black thread on a #22 scud hook and the next two days we were getting a phenomenal number of strikes.  We did miss some fish because of the small hook, but I call this the AD Midge Emerger.

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