KIDS vs. FOOD – DRIED SEAFOOD (Shrimp, Squid, Sardines!!)

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be eating this. – It’s fishes!
It’s baby fishes. – No thank you. – It’s brown. It looks like a big turd. A big fish turd. – Ew! I smell it
and it doesn’t smell good at all. – It smells like
something my aunt’s cat eats. – It’s dried fish, but there
seems to be two different versions. Why is one of them is squid? – I think they’re shrimp and anchovies. – (FBE) We’re going to have you
try a few types of dried seafood snacks. – (gagging) – I’m going to be sick for the next week. – I like seafood a lot,
but I’ve never tried dried seafood. – (FBE) Okay, so here is your first snack. – No– actually, it doesn’t look that bad. – It looks like what I feed my chameleon. – Look at this thing. It has eyeballs. – (whimpering) (crunching) Yuck. It’s gross. It’s like a large shrimp
that got dried up. (crunching) – It tastes like nothing. (crunching) – It tastes really good. It feels kind of dry and popped,
like it pops in your mouth. – It tastes like seafood and chicken. – It tastes a lot stronger
than I expected. – (FBE) That was dried shrimp. – That’s shrimp?! I love shrimp! This was horrible. – It tastes like shrimp, just crunchier. A little bit salty,
but other than that, it’s good. – I like seafood in general,
and I like dried food, so together it equals
miniature dried food. Perfect. – (FBE) Here’s your next snack. – Is that cheese or something,
like sea cheese? – I’ve never seen anything like this, but it has these little flakes on it. – (groaning) I thought it would taste like pineapple,
but it tastes like butt. – It’s hard. I like it. – Hmm. It’s like squid. – Okay, I could eat this–
it’s not the best thing– but I’m just afraid of what it is. – This one tastes more like steak. – Ugh, the aftertaste! Yuck. It tastes sour
and not a good type of sour. – (FBE) So that one was dried squid.
– Really? I don’t like squid. – I’ve dissected a squid.
That’s disgusting. – (FBE) Here is your next one.
– Is that dried crabs? – Ow! It poked me. – These ones are going to be like chips. – I can’t even break it. Ugh! (spitting) (crunching) – Ugh. – It tastes like a chip.
I think it kind of tastes good. (crunching) – Mm-mm. Mm-mm. It was crunchy and mixed
with soft in the inside and I didn’t like that texture. – It just feels weird
and it’s too crunchy. – (FBE) That was dried crab.
– That’s creepy. – If you like crunchy and bland things,
then this is the thing for you. – It’s okay. (laughing)
But not so good. – (FBE) So almost done.
Here you go. Here is your last snack.
– (grumbling) I don’t want to eat fish. (gasping) – These things look so creepy. – It’s eyeball is still in it! – Are these sardines? – Got this. (deep breath) I was eating a fruit roll up
and I forgot to take off the wrapper. It tastes exactly like that. – It’s hard in parts. This is the most decent one. – It doesn’t have
as much taste as the others. – It’s crunchy at first and salty. It tastes like the crab, but not as sweet. – That tasted like nothing at first,
and then I got inside it and then it tasted like barf. – (FBE) So that was dried sardines. So sardines are like little fish. – I know what sardines are,
but I did not want to eat one. – I’ve tried sardines before,
but not dried. – Too crunchy, too bland,
and I just don’t like it overall. – (FBE) So your final question: which one of these dried seafood snacks would you recommend people eat? – The crab. – The dried squid. – I like squid.
That’s the only one I like. – Dried shrimp. It’s like boba, but it has more taste. – I recommend the squid. It’s actually kind of good,
and then aftertaste is just horrible, so spit it out before
you get to the aftertaste. – Dried squid. I just like the flavor of it
and it wasn’t as gross and fishy as the rest of them. – The dried shrimp is the best one. It had flavor, it was crunchy
enough for me to eat it, and it was good. – These dried seafoods,
most of them are disgusting so don’t eat them. Don’t eat them. – Thanks for watching us eat
dried seafood on the React channel. – Subscribe and just keep swimming,
just keep swimming. – Bye, everyone! – Hey, guys, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. I tried the dried seafood
and I didn’t think it was that bad, so let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Bye.

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