Kayak Fishing Passion – Manta Ray Angler 12 XT – Native Watercraft

Kayak Fishing Passion – Manta Ray Angler 12 XT – Native Watercraft

Passion to me is getting up at the crack of dawn and getting your gear together. Getting out on the water, searching for that
big fish and every time you go out it’s a new adventure. That’s the passion that drives me every time
I go fishing. So, I mean, time is a big issue these days. Everybody’s got a lot things going on. You’ve got family, I’ve got a kid on the way. You’re trying to make the most of your time. You’re trying to make the most of your free
time and doing what you like to do. It’s nice to be able to come home from work,
grab my rod, throw the kayak right on the truck and just go. Access is a real big thing with fishing these
days. You know, there’s not a park on every corner
of the creek or the river or the lake. A lot of private property so you have to get
out to these places that a kayak is the only way to get there. A kayak is the only way to get to some of
the spots that people maybe haven’t fished before. So when I was 4 or 5 years old there weren’t
too many kayaks around built for kayak fishing. That trend went all the way up until maybe
I was 18 years old there wasn’t really any kayaks for fishing. You had to take what was out on the market
for the ocean and adapt it to fishing; add rod holders and kind of make it your own. I started doing this a long time ago- 15 years
ago now and it came out of necessity. We wanted to catch big Flathead catfish on
the river and there wasn’t much access. Access was limited so you get your kayak that’s
built for the ocean, put some rod holders on it, an anchor trolley and you go out and
you catch some big catfish that most people can’t do from shore. There’s a lot of options out there right now. I think Native hits a lot of the points that
I’m looking for in a kayak and it’s obvious when you are out in the kayak. Everything is where it needs to be. What I look for in a kayak is something that’s
lightweight, that’s maneuverable. When I’m on the river or the creeks or even
a lake, I want something that I can get around easily – I can move around obstacles and things
like that. Get in and out of coves. The Manta Ray XT hits those points. One of my favorite things about kayak fishing
is that you’re out there in the elements, you may not be catching anything. There’s a lot of factors going on. There’s a lot of things. There’s a million lures you can try. There’s all kinds of different presentations. Every once in a while you have rough day. Things aren’t going your way and you keep
with it and there’s that moment where everything connects. The right lure, the right presentation and
you’re hooked up. That fish is tight on the line and you feel
the kayak spin and go for a little sleigh ride… Catching big fish in a kayak is definitely
a unique experience. I’ve caught big fish in a boat before, I’ve
caught big fish from shore. There’s something just special about being
able to use light tackle and letting the kayak and the rod do all the work together to let
that fish tire out. You really get drug around when you have a
big fish on there in a kayak. It’s definitely an experience you can’t get
in a boat, you can’t get from shore. It’s something I look for every time I go
out kayak fishing. I want to get pulled around and I love doing
that. I take every opportunity I can to get out
on the water and when I’m out there, I try to learn as much about the fish that I am
going after. And if I catch a monster, well then hell, that’s
an awesome day.

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