JUMBO Fall Muskie! – GO Angling Episode 7

JUMBO Fall Muskie! – GO Angling Episode 7

– I’m Pat McSharry, and on this week’s episode of Go Angling, we’re going to last fall,
last November to be exact, with my good buddy Ryan Klein
up to Sioux Narrows, Ontario, chasing big fall muskies. – [Announcer] In-Depth
Outdoors, Go Angling. Brought to you by Gander Outdoors. – All right, let’s go into the next spot. Typically when we’re doing
these trolling passes, we’re just doing one to two
passes on spots that look good or that we’ve had prior success on, and then we’re on to the next one. And it doesn’t mean that I won’t come back to some of these spots throughout the day, but usually if you can hit it
twice and run the boat well, not get a rip, there’s definitely not
a muskie willing to bite at this time on that spot. Doesn’t mean there
won’t be later on today, but we’re gonna keep moving. Well, we’re on about spot number ten now, and we’re just not seeing a
ton of activity on the graph as far as bait goes. We’re not seeing any
concentrations of muskies or bait, and we’re just gonna keep
trolling at this point to try and figure out where these fish are and what they’re doing. It’s fall. A lot of times these
feeding windows and stuff, not last very long, and as far as I’m concerned,
the casting thing, you really need to see a
concentration of bait, don’t you? – I mean–
– Yeah. – To cover that amount
of water is so important. – Our bait casting, we’re
just not in the zone for the amount of time we
should be probably, so. – Right, when you’re
casting to these fish, a lot of times they’re
in 20 to 25 feet of water off of a break line or
off of a ledge, a reef, whatever it may be. The amount of time that
your bulldog or your tube or whatever rubber bait you’re throwing is in that zone, that 20 to 25 feet where that
fish can see it and track it, is probably about as long as this boat and then it’s starting to
come back up, you know? That bait lands, it starts sinking down, you start working it back, and this is just a lot more efficient way to put a big muskie in the
boat this time of year. – [Ryan] Fish. – There we go, buddy. So we’ve been trolling our tails off basically all day trying to figure out what
these fish are doing, what they want, and it’s been tough. Lot of times in the fall, you can get kinda some
smaller bite windows and stuff like that,
real short bite windows that could be what we’re
experiencing a little bit. Maybe we’re just getting
into a window here but, feels like a decent fish. Oh yeah, it’s a nice one. Big fish. Really big fish.
– Big fish. – Just tail hooked. There she is.
– Oh god. – That’s a big one, buddy. That is a big one. Wow! Unbelievable. – It’s a giant. – All right, I got her. Oh yeah, she’s super heavy. Look at that fish. – [Ryan] That thing is a giant. – So that’s a 40, that’s a 45 pound fish, I bet. – Yeah. – We’ll have to see how long she is. Try and be easy on her. Gosh, it isn’t that
long, it’s just so fat. 49-incher. So you’re looking at a fish like that, not 45 pounds but she’s pushing 40 pounds anyways just because of the sheer
weight of ’em. Crazy. All right, let’s get her back. – Yeah. – Whoop, there she goes. Cold water, they go back so quick. That’s really cool, you
know that’s probably one of the most special
things about fall fishing, for muskies especially is the sheer weight of the fish. That was probably the fattest
fish I’ve ever caught. – Oh yeah. – 49 inches, but just super fat. Crazy. – Good job, man. Let’s go get another one. – Yep. – [Pat] That’s gonna
do it for this episode. And one of the main reasons why we chose to go back to last November and show you that fish, is that’s one
of my favorite bites to do is late Fall, but it really takes
quite a bit of planning. The water temperature
that you’re looking for, is from that 39 to 41, 42 degrees is when I’ve had my best
success for trolling those big baits down deep in that 20 to 25 feet of water range. So if that’s something you
might be interested in, make sure you put that on
your radar for this fall. That Sioux Narrows up to Kenora area is one of my favorites. So don’t forget to like and
subscribe In-Depth Outdoors, and Gander Outdoors, and
we’ll see ya next time.

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