I’ve made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft – Part 20

I’ve made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft – Part 20

good morning gamers today today we say goodbye through its little friend Jurgen the second you know the first Jurgen Jurgen one at least that was your fault technically that was your fault but this I can’t blame on anyone isn’t that right mushroom cow thing this is all on me isn’t that right spending close IKEA bird what are you even doing there I should not have let Jurgen to go in the mines I didn’t even think it was possible there’s only one thing left to do let’s say goodbye I can’t keep doing this I can’t keep losing the ones that look jörgen deserved better but at least at least he died happy [Music] look at that spen is devastated he refused to leave the boat IKEA bird says the same I’m all alone one year again is one year n’t enough but 2-yard against that’s not right I can’t even afford a proper burial come on Sven we got to go pick his favorite flowers Daisy David was his favorite Oh Mike that is mine with taking flowers now’s not the time Libra is a lot get him spending that strike not today oh my god getting a bit intense here I’m just trying to pick flowers geez sex oh my oh my ha you are one tank you know if there’s anyone that’s never gonna like never gonna go it’s vain I’m just trying to pick flowers that’s literally all I want here we go this this is his favorite flowers one day when I’m rich Jurgen I promise I will get you the full diamond that you deserve but until then Jurgen second rest easy buddy Macias in Angola that’s right you’re again one day we’ll all be together don’t worry but now you are with your brother okay I know this is kind of a downer to start an episode but the show must go on spend we must continue our adventure that’s what’s that’s what Jurgen 1 & 2 would have wanted I imagine it oh my god please not today Sven I’m sad too but something has to be done [Music] sorry now I know there’s other Jurgis out there but I’m not ready for another Jurgen Sven I can’t do it I do remember something from the very first few episodes there he is hey buddy me and Sven are looking for a new companion are you available you’re busy you’ve literally been here since episode 1 what are you doing here have some wheat how’s that taste good go away it’s not for you he does like it’s fun I think he likes it I think he likes us another no no na wa nani desu ka’ tell us donkey son how many times I have to do it please love me I have no one else but hey can I ride you you don’t like melon ok well this might be for the better listen I got a whole supply back at home just fall just come with us my god you eat like a horse I’m literally out I just have to sit on donkey oh ok we’re just chilling huh he loves me your name Sui hold the Swedish names are running through my brain hold up let me get you a Saito let me get you a sable first oh my gosh we’re under attack not now for yogurt [Music] get them speck I’ve demoed or should I name him I’m really struggling Bernie it’s not a good name Bernie the beast you’re officially part of the bro gang he’s so slow burn a oh god Barney hey Bernie there’s there’s a couple of people I want you to meet first of all this is Jurgen – this is Jurgen one this is IKEA bird this is where what the Sheep used to stay um hopefully you won’t disappear Bernie hopefully you won’t just go places without asking oh how about that are you actually staying okay we’re gonna gather up fruit in some food but because it’s time to seek revenge I don’t know about you guys but I’m I need to kill something then you’re gonna have to stay hold down the fort he’s trying to make acquaintances do I have a nametag can I put an armor on Bernie oh my gosh I never thought of that it’s a horse armor I doubt I doubt I can no just don’t die on me Bernie please I know this is a bit unprecedented there’s a there’s a city but I can access oh my gosh are you kidding me all right don’t be afraid Bernie I made it safe I’ll be right after you are you are you Bernie okay he’s fine Bernie’s fine everyone welcome to this is a bad idea okay Bernie I forgot some stuff just don’t go through the pours Oh Bernie I need weed fast okay I have obsidian I could get some more where’s Bernie there you are okay let’s go Bernie we are literally too fat there we go oh okay hopefully this should be safe right god I hope this works okay so now we’re gonna go through at the same time Bernie don’t worry it’s fine it’s fine the raid has started it’s killing time Friday for you again ah kill oh my god why did I do this at night kill them back off pissants how is there so many the youngling stop running child that’s right Bernie no one messes with this where’s the Raiders that’s right here Bernie there they are there’s no time for emotion stay there in the name of jurgen i smite thee hey Iron Man where’s the Raider oh my gosh are you okay down there careful not to fall here let me give you a hand there they are that’s right I put a fence around to stop Raiders imbeciles cowards hey don’t shoot Bernie Bernie sensitive that’s what I thought there’s one more remaining one more remaining could they have spawned like down here what here dummy you shoot if you dare any less in the last word coward for yoga oh god it continues eat up Bernie the battle continues oh these are strong careful yeah oh you’re a bum full of dummy dumb aren’t you ball of dummied up your elbow derby dumb hey don’t shoot Bernie Bernie’s innocent Bernie three’s 360 Bernie knows so it’s apparently 2015 why won’t you die he’s taken hostage you’re doing great Bernie proud of you these Raiders stand no chances oh look they’re rich where are they attacking front oh gosh they have the giant horse we will kill it with bow oh gosh run bad egg why you will never be young again ah run faggy yes we got your little Jurgen Baker again is that a Raider it is come at me coward I got to say this is a lot easier than last time Bernie we’re too strong hey thanks for doing nothing by the way oh oh run Bernie ah I can’t do it anymore you will pay for this whoa whoa what is he doing string oh gosh oh my gosh she fell down she says are you kidding me now out I’m out of arrows why can I just pull the one out of my body yes Oh God don’t push me down I’m scared I’m so scared get the total [Music] this is the worst day of my life you cannot get any worse than this for Jurgen won Jurgen – Bernie both cow and water sheep oh I only had one come back coward add the power of baby in my hands and thus the battle is won but we lost Bernie but for what cost we lost Bernie I can’t celebrate I can’t celebrate without my main man we’re gonna have so many epic adventures together me and Bernie now I can trade cheaper with the with the villagers but does it even matter you’re telling me this guy’s charging 26 as discount for a bell when I can just steal the village Bell high IQ a bird Bernie didn’t make it back the pay I mean absolute agony it shouldn’t have been like this and so you’re again I mean spend on those we say goodbye to another hero it’s made of dirt well he was poor okay it was poor this is what we hear this is what Bernie would have wanted I knew him since I was born okay I knew him better than anyone he bobbed art it’s really getting full up in here [Music] clearly I don’t deserve a horse clearly I don’t even deserve a donkey there’s only one option left to be my fellow rider in the night you’re my companion spend not Rider it’s different I know there’s someone here come on we’re easy it’s gotta be at least one here he is at last our last rider in the night that’s right what’s your name how do I ride you I know I can right hey what’s your problem got to feed him first did you like they let me ride you oh oh yeah oh yeah this is what I’m talking about this is it that I’ve been looking for your name is peepee poo-poo that’s right Sven peepee poo-poo we’re gonna beat the ender dragon together and we’re gonna finish the legacy of Legends peepee poo-poo is gonna live forever peepee poo-poo we’ll never die peepee poo-poo it’s my hero you’re my hero peepee poo-poo that’s right who’s my peepee poop would I see you you’re mighty people now oh my god peepee poo-poo how do you even do that peepee poo-poo fine you know what I understand you don’t want to disrespect mr. peepee poo-poo now you go back in BB bubbles stop how are you so good at athletics all right until we build a proper place for you you can stay with us you can stay with us spend spend one at a time please you can’t use too fat you can’t get it mic off I actually have extra funds eep-eep eep-eep oof ooh there’s invaders in our house while we kill them peepee poo-poo let’s get a BB boo boo boo boo we did it people before we destroy the invaders aah right this way people right this way stay there span it’s too dangerous more invaders you did it pee pee poop what we did it we destroy the invaders that is it me or is peepee poo-poo faster damn people we fascist Frick wait so apparently I can make people poo poo faster by holding the carrot on the stick oh my god I’m boosting him faster peepee poo-poo faster I don’t need your against I have peepee poo-poo okay here’s fake peepee poo-poo fake peepee poo-poo okay here’s what we’re gonna do I lost too many people I lost too many loved ones me and a peepee poo-poo are just gonna ride in a straight line and no matter what we’re not gonna stop okay we’re going on a pilgrimage no matter what we’re not gonna stop people poo Quinn pewdiepie forever faster people should all your against be forgot and never brought too like peepee poo-poo and gherkins might peepee poo-poo is alright calling me PP poopers well write forever in the name of Jurgen our pilgrimage can never be stopped we will amass an army an army of people poppers that will never be stopped join us in the name of Jurgen only pigs only peepee poo-poo coward this is like that episode of Forrest Gump oh look it’s Bernie’s girlfriend hello Bernie sorry sorry about your boyfriend join us join us join us fellow peepee poo-poo listen people deal with grief in different ways this is how I choose my battle oh hold hold what is password faking what this password wrong password Oh what this password wrong password assemble VP boo boo all without password permission has to be destroyed the password is your against Merrigan mergenberg and target player again okay remember it and don’t tell anyone password you’re correct follow us together we are strong together we are unstoppable oh god TV bloopers run baby people whose ahh be people never dies peepee poo-poo too strong infinite health baby purple for your yearn for yogurts will good retreat to Ikea tower when the curtain comes we will be ready to strike and we are not afraid together we are strong I need someone to DJ for me sell hold up and why it’s so hard for me to find DJ’s all right you’re coming you’re coming back home with me buddy I’ll gosh the carpet huh what is happening now he’s not the time oh go go before she sees this how is he not going through oh my gosh that I actually okay here we go you’re our new water cow which means you have to DJ for us I need to lighten the mood a little bit yeah that looks good what do I keep the CD I think this plays roomy brofist no he doesn’t think on first friend he didn’t go through the portal in II spend you absolute mad lad get up I’m tryna in the episode go back now then you need to go back you don’t belong in this realm you’re too pure for this world please like honest man okay gamers spen kinase have been a hard episode it’s been a tough one we met some new look friends and then we lost some of your friends been legends true legends always lives on as long as we remember them in our hearts thanks for watching another episode smash like and subscribe and get some mature convert see you guys tomorrow hi what you never played super simulator you know it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not convinced yet okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price [Music]

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