Is a boy a mammal?

Is a boy a mammal?

[Eness] okay, everyone is going to tell me
something, lets start with Addis…a mammal [Addis] a mammal is…
[Eness] give, give me one mammal [Addis] one mammal?
[Eness] mmhuh [agreement] [child 1] Mommy is
[Eness] your Mommy, aha [child 2] Boy.
[Eness] Boy. Is a boy a mammal? [class in chorus] No!
[Eness] Huh? [class in chorus] No!
[Eness] A boy is not a mammal? [Class] Yes.
[Eness] Why do you say a boy is not a mammal? [Class offers multiple inaudible answers]
[Eness] Okay, listen to this. If you say that a boy is not a mammal [local language]
[Class offers multiple replies] [Class talking excitedly but inaudibly]
[Eness] Make me understand. Because the boy doesn’t lay eggs, doesn’t give birth to their yong. Doesn’t? So only a woman is a mammal? [Eness] What about a boy? Even a boy is … Okay, how many are saying a boy is a mammal? [child] Yes, a mammal boy!
[Eness] Okay, put your hands down. Those that are saying it’s not a mammal.
[Enness] Lemma, tell us, tell us why you say a boy is not a mammal.
[Child] [inaudible] [Enness] And also Melvin is going to explain why he said a boy is a mammal. Let’s see from the two, yes? hear Lemma, why do you say a
boy is not a mammal? [Child] [Inaudible]
[Enness] Okay, you will help her? [Child] The boy doesn’t give birth to their young, again, he doesn’t lay eggs, again, he doesn’t feed their young with milk. [Enness] That’s what she thinks. Okay, let’s
hear from Melvin. [Enness] Yes Melvin?
[Melvin] I don’t know. [Enness] Okay, we still have the discussion.
We want to know whether a boy is a mammal. Again? So someone said a boy is not a mammal.
Now let’s hear what Adrayda has to say. [Adrayda] Because the boy is the one who gives
pregnance to the woman. [Laughs] [Enness] Have you heard that?
[Class laughs] [Enness] Huh?
[Class] Yes. [Enness] Okay, so what, what are you going
to tell me now? [Child] Nothing.
[Enness] Eh? You, you don’t have anything to tell me?
[Class] Yes. [Enness] So what you say about the boy, is
a boy a mammal or… [Class] Mammal. Mammal. [Multiple replies]
[Enness] Is it true that the boy is a mammal? [Child] No.
[Enness] It’s not true? [Class] Laughs [inaudible talk].
[Enness] Listen! Okay is, eh, Morgan, is a boy a mammal?
[Morgan] No? [Enness] Okay. Can there be a baby, okay,
let’s say there are not boys in the world, okay [local language], there are only,
eh, girls. Uh, are we going to have any baby there? [Class] No! [Enness] So, what do we need? We need to have both a boy and a girl, yeah. [Class laughs]
[Enness] So, at lea st, after they meet, they, we can have at least a baby, eh? They can
give birth to a young life. So in short, we are saying that a boy is … Is a boy a mammal? [local language] Yes, so even a boy is a mammal.

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