In the heat of the tournament

In the heat of the tournament

Hi Captain Wayne here on the Islander again. We’re out catching fish again. We got a happy crew here. Looks like we’re the winnner of another tournament. Hang on a second. Let’s see what you’ve got. OOOH! Loo at that! Young lad, turn that fish this way. Look at that. Beautiful. Nice Job. Look at the size of that fish. How old are you, son? Fifteen. Good job! Is that the biggest fish you caught? (yes) Allright! Nice! Look at all the stripers they caught in here. A lot of big stripers. Look at them all. Those are all nice big fish. Good Job, son. (right here you can wash your hands in the
sink). Are we all set, guys? Hey guys, how’s everybody doing out here on
the Islander? Everybody have a good time? Wooooo! All right, let’s do it again, guys! Good job, Chris.Here’s our Mate, Chris.

local_offerevent_note November 18, 2019

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