Improve Teamwork, Customer Service and Retention with The FISH! Philosophy

Welcome to Seattle! At Pike Place Fish Market you’ll
see lots of flying fish. But we saw more: Great customer service. Teamwork. Energy. and results. So how can you bring this kind of energy to your organization The answers are in FISH! the most-watched training video in the world. The FISH! Philosophy is a fresh powerful
training solution. It has four easy-to-use practices. They
help you create an environment where people love to come to work. One fish flying to Deborah. [One fish flying…] And so fish really lights people’s
hearts on fire. It helps them understand hey it’s… it’s up to me. And then it shows them a very simple predictable pathway. So we all need ways to get pumped up and get re-motivated and refocused on what
it means to really work together Checkin’ bags? [Checkin’ bags.] How you doin’ sir? Nearly every industry uses The FISH!
Philosophy to deliver amazing customer service. How’s it going? Improve teamwork and
trust. The more we incorporate The FISH! Philosophy in what we do… …the better job
we do and the better our patients do. It has absolutely transformed the climate of our school. The discipline problems have gone down dramatically. Businesses that I see use FISH!
invariably end up the first choice, not just for the customers that they
serve for people who want to work there. You build great environments for people
who want to come to work and… where people say that’s the business that I wanted to do business with. Contact us to learn how The FISH! Philosophy will help you

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