Ice Fishing Lake Trout – 3 Tips (Northern Manitoba)

this is a little bit different for an
intro we’re already out fishing my plans change a little bit today I was gonna
kind of go out and do a little bit of a multi-day species multi-day multi
species kind of a day but just I have some equipment issues that’s not going
to allow me to get out and do do all that today so I’m gonna stay with Carter
and we’re gonna focus on Lake trilled again today you may or may not see a
clip right now I’ll roll reel down set it yeah there you go he got him you got
him you got him he came back he came back I’d say look Carter already caught
a nice trout that we actually did a photo with I know we weren’t planning on
really filming much in here so I don’t know how much we talked to the camera or
did anything so and then we came back in and just kind of Carter just fired right
back down the the hole so there’s a little bit of that clip there we’re back
up still at caribou Lodge Outfitters northern Manitoba norms got a package
running this year that you can book that has a couple days of fishing obviously
accommodations I believe meals they pack you a lunch even I don’t don’t quote me
on that one for sure but he’s got a package deal I’ll put it up on here in
the screen he’s got some hard hard shacks rentals which is actually just
not too far away from where I’m fishing right now as well so it’s obviously a
good area Oh what mark oh yeah yeah yeah that’s a mark wasn’t it
it always want me to tell you I got him oh I was so clear that was it it started
up top didn’t it was I like 17 and then the wrong way down ah the Dragonslayer
scores man there’s definitely a UH a better bite today than yesterday nice
I didn’t lose a fish he counts I touched him there we go
not a big one but it’s a win for me got him that was so crazy Carter had a burr
bit on for a few seconds there and then I think he was just really enough to
check his hook as he lost it and also no mark appeared and then it shot all the
way down came and ate the Dragonslayer that’s what I’m using today little
dragon slayer oh boy we’re on fish right now literally just released mine like I
said a little Dragon Slayer here five and a half inch paddle tail I got a
little piece of meat on there just for no lost him yeah he might come back you
might come back you stay down there stay down there little piece of you coming
back just for a flavor whoo little piece of meat on there just for flavor and
scent more than anything he’s still down there and yeah and Carter’s got on a
tube jig which you just had a fish on there and it appears to be maybe maybe
come back again maybe not but yeah okay well we almost got another epic moment
there Carter how those chips little bloom I’m putting
out in the video well yeah I I control who what gets put in the video you know
that right see this hat this controls the mouse
click click not only does it set the hook and bring in monster fish controls
what goes on the video click click click oh that’s bad that makes me look bad
I’ll just edit that oh oh that makes carter look bad I’ll put that in he
thinks I’m joking I know you’ll put more crap oh yeah this
does not feel like a Berbick Carter yeah thanks Carter I don’t think this is a
bourbon this feels more like a liquor to read mmm gets a bourbon it’s a big one
this is a troll Carter this is a trope I was on my phone because I literally oh
hold the fish pulled me right out of my stool this is not oh boy now I can use
those click meat fish bowl beyond my stool well it actually did oh this feels
good Carter it’s like this feels good it’s at 51
feet right now oh this one’s got some weight this is the tail of the Bourbon
tailhook Bourbon no this is not a perfect this is a bourbon at the
world-record bourbon this is a select row lake true you’re like 30 feet yeah
it’s not taking big of what yes I’m taking peeling guns oh no but I have a
pretty tight dragging on them right now though you look down the hole you tell
me what you see it’s gets weird like it’s really weird
could be it may be a snag lake trout maybe I guess coming up from the side of
it yes oh no it’s big Laker it’s big Lakers oh it is yeah it’s a big leaguer it’s a good one this is a good sure
that’s a big fish sway it yeah squealing oh I’m nervous right now
it’s a good lake trout Carter that was in the dead zone
yeah wife we have caught like no fish off the bottom everything’s been pretty
much up up higher this rod handles this fish nice I’m impressed
you mean grounded yeah just well I don’t know I might I will see I’ll probably
grab it I think I think Ivy’s I’m just so used to doing it maybe just let me do
it oh I rock you like I’m less gonna rather have you catch that fish sorry
easy girl easy easy Lake choke us so much so much power you guys it’s not
just a cooperator well heartless nothing to it later have
so much power in them their muscles are not easy to control at all we’re gonna
get a quick measure on a car if you want I could have that measuring board over
here real quick I’m just gonna put him in the water for a second give them a
drink 35 inches is a Manitoba natural you have to wait it’s not metal and
we’re inside oh no you know what’s gonna shorter than that it’s just so fat easy
easy 30 32 no 32 and a half something like
that that fish is only 32 and a half inches put it is so fat like that is one
of the fatter Lakers had caught for that size awesome
okay let’s send it back home that was in the dead zone okay girl okay there you
go it’s gonna pick off guard oh yeah some
throats line for you bud discharge you give me go get one good line and a big
bitch go to the add to your story and then gonna scroll written alive checking connection three at the whole
prettier bowling with screwed one Mike connection isn’t coming to the
counseling hooked in the top I’m at this rate goes
wait show some more okay Carter chill and go live go live because we uh we’re
on instagram live literally like I mean I don’t even know what five minutes
before this not even and we’re like we couldn’t catch one Instagram live let me
pull off Instagram live and catch this it’s not connecting why what Instagram
no can’t hold it too long but yeah nice fish Carter oh whoa oh this is
crazy look at that big growth on his top there
that’s insane okay yeah that one’s going back that ones well I’m gonna go back
anyway okay we’re gonna do a really uh Instagram story here guys we’re doing an
Instagram story quick Instagram live story that’s why I got full right now my
hand here we go yeah well we did it we can go home now
right can’t Carter I got a question for you
mm-hmm this is from the video you’ve no idea this is coming this being your
first ever trip for Lakers through the ice if somebody came up to you and said
I’ve never gone fishing for Lakers through the ice
what are three tips that you could give me or something that I could expect
something like that either or would be would be good like 310 great what’s
something what are three things you’ve learned that what if you went out Lake
or fishing the next time by yourself what would you take away from the last
two days to put towards your next video or your next trip be patient okay
good to find a steep structure or a good point okay that’s good um I don’t know
you’re doing good you’re on the right track those are two things I wouldn’t
even thought you would have said so this is this is already good
trying to think of one more okay no rush I can edit out the the stall part okay
and to climb the water column uh he means fish the whole article not just
the bottom right right and he’s seeing that because the last couple days most
of our success has come loaded between 51 and 34 feet and we’re sitting in
seventy so don’t always be fishing that you know the bottom five feet or
whatever don’t be scared to reel up once in a while sometimes also no mark will
appear or sometimes even just if you’re marking the fish in a certain of a
certain area go up there and just work that area a little bit I’ve been jigging
Lots today in the forty two and a half foot section just to draw fish that’s in
the middle of the water column and then Carter’s been down low and we’ve been
swapping back and forth but yeah those are those are three good starting points
be patient is definitely one of them for sure your bite windle’s are going to
you’re gonna have strong windows and they are gonna have periods of nothing
it’s just gonna be up and down when it does happen it’s pretty erratic and like
you said steep structure something close to deep water not too far from us here
I’d say about fifty feet probably it’s about a hundred and ten feet so
something that drops off pretty quick those Lakers can travel up and down
structure is just something where fish are gonna travel non-stop you’re gonna
bait fish there of course you can get away with fishing a big flat as well but
this is just what I’ve liked to fish in the past everybody likes something
different so there’d be a good starting point if you went to a new lake that’d
be uh be very good three points yes this came out of nowhere
yeah they’re still yeah there’s still more down there stay down there there’s
more than this fish yeah this is a good one this is where you lose them right
now stay button stay button stay button stay button baby
oh wow okay reel up now yeah no we wanted see I’m live this one whoa baby
now just came out of nowhere right now it’s sitting like a 30 34 feet let’s go
oh fish Hudson wait take that on the camera there’s a little
knob on the left-hand side just below the camera this one no up one just
loosen it a bit and lift and turn the camera or pull work towards ya a little
bit more get right there no tighten up just so we got a good angle here right
here just came out of nowhere market no we didn’t mark that one mm-hmm it’s nice
that’s nice we won’t need the pliers fits the barbel socks single voters I
think rushed it crushed it that is a good one right there
awesome dark dark fish tartar I’m kicking your body never mark that fish
at all we were working on a different mark Ashley and this thing came out of
nowhere and crushed me it twisted that’s why it
was twisted in there awesome fish we’re having a pretty good day I’d say nothing
wrong with all the dark fish probably 30 inches something like that 18:31
not as fat as the other when I caught today your shows I’m slaying today Carter plating day
it’s Clayton D change there well that wraps up our hard day not a super crazy
action day we’ve got a couple nice ones though nothing giant without lake trout
fishing in general the Carter said in his three tips patience patience
patience put your time in begging to come and I’ll prove that to you guys ass
winner because I’m gonna put an absolute monster on the ice calling it out it’s
gonna happen so thanks for watching guys the jet fun Carter if I get a blast
so go lake trout fishing take so many lake trout fishing that’s never been a
chore fishing before there that’s your task thanks for watching guys and girls
don’t forget get outside well they’re gonna kick the lake turns in there you

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