I Went Magnet Fishing & You Have To See For Yourself What I Found! Manchester

What’s going on guys? super excited today as I’m gonna be sharing one of, well my newly found hobbies with you. Erm, Normally I do reaction videos but, you know, I like to vlog now and again and share some of my life experiences. So I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into magnet fishing. It looks like er, looks like something pretty cool to do. nice time pass and Yeah, you can find some really cool stuff. So, um, yeah, I ordered some, I Ordered what I gather to be a Sufficient enough magnet for what I’m trying to do. I had to do quite a lot of research into this and I’ve been scouting. I’ve been scouting for spots to start a magnet fishing and I think I’ve got some perfect spots to er, To to show you so we can share this journey together. you see, I Think you’ve got perfectly, You’ve got a perfectly lineup where you’re actually gonna start. I obviously I’m new to this but after doing a lot of research You know, you don’t want to be doing a lot of the shallow areas and you don’t want to be doing Well where I gather people would have done previously So it’s got to be perfect. You’ve got line it up perfectly where You’re gonna be throwing the magnet. That’s what you need. You need somewhere new. Well, that’s a shame I’ve been em, I’ve been eyeing up that location for quite a few weeks now because it looked it looks absolutely perfect, but there’s something inside me just tells me it’s not right. So I do need to keep searching for a better location than this. I’m, I think I know where to go. So, erm, yeah we’re gonna Continue our magnet fishing journey together. It should be a Should be quite a journey. Let’s enjoy it together. I’m still searching I’m still searching. I can hear I can hear the water around it. oh, look a squirrel! say hello Mr squirrel. Hello, I’m a squirrel. Not sure whether you can see him. Anyway, I feel like a grim bushcraft look at me Let me show you how to start a fire (crap explosion) It’s done! Yeah anyway… the Search continues to do the magnet fishing. but I’m finding a lot of other stuff along the way, it’s crazy. I just found someone’s house. I Mean no, disrespect at all, but look. I’ve literally just stumbled across this. Maybe er…. It’s a cool campout spot. Maybe not. Anyway, the search continues guys! Let’s keep looking and honestly, I cannot wait to actually start I mean, this is the actual annoying part. just like, finding the perfect place But I know that as soon as I’ve found it, everything’s gonna be amazing. Look forward to it guys. Finally we’re on location It took a while to find and got really hot That’s why I had to remove my coat, but finally we’re here. I hope you guys are really excited to finally start a magnet fishing Let’s go. What have we found here? it’s treasure! Arrrr, I’m a Pirate! I’ve been eyeing up this location for a few weeks. But you know, I like to, I just like to measure things with my fingers…

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