I Just Found A Complete Civil War Cavalry Carbine!

I Just Found A Complete Civil War Cavalry Carbine!

So I’m at a new spot, and I did some research on this [area] And it just seemed like could be a good area to check although I did not find anything in particular that you know said you know there’s gonna be something there. I just had a hunch I’ve been hunting out for about 15 minutes found some water and stuff nothing great until now Well I don’t know if it is great, but it’s pretty cool from what I can see. I got a decent signal on the AT gold and I could look down the water’s clear enough that I can see a gun down there some type of a Long gun, I don’t know it could be like [a] modern shotgun, or could be a civil war gun I’m hoping I can’t really tell for sure well. Let’s stick the camera underwater and let’s take a peek at it and Tell me what you think Really [cool-looking] You can see it right there. I’m just like fully exposed I don’t know man and that might be [as] ohhh. I think it’s got a hammer on it It might be civil war gun it’s got all the wood All right, I’m gonna stick the camera underneath there, and let’s take a quick peek. [it’s] a great big piece iron Right there that I was hearing and this is right next to it. So I don’t know let’s look at it Is that freaking cool or what? I’m gonna go ahead and just stick the magnet on it because it’s kind of chilly right now. It’s getting dark Late in the day anyway, and I’m freezing [all] right Let’s try it That’s a civil war carbine. Oh, man. That’s so cool. All right see if I can grab it here. I’ll leave it against my leg I’m pretty sure that’s a carbine anyway I could be wrong but Boy, I don’t know yeah, okay. I think [I’d] [just] pick up with a magnet. lets just carry it over to this log Wow, this is so cool For me anyway all right what I’m going to do is set it up on that log right there and We’ll take a peek at it All right here she [is] It’s another spencer carbine. I found one [of] these a few years ago, and This exact same thing isn’t it neat got a lot of the wood left on it, but more than [my] other one The reason I know it’s a spencer if you’re looking the butt plate here. You see a hole That’s how you put the cartridges up into [its] cartridges went all the way up through here. There’s a tube in there and You could just lever them out. I think it held seven rounds hasn’t that cool [oh] I just got here man. This this place could be paved with the freaking muskets wouldn’t that be awesome I Just made my day for sure awesome

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  • I love history and I find this stuff the most fascinating thing ever. So cool how someone held that 150 years ago

  • My dads cousin found a musket on kings mountain in N.C and the people who ran the park took it from him 😐

  • Yep, 7 rounds. Confederates were astounded at 'That Yankee gun they load on Sundays and fire all week!'

  • Not that im trying to be a "doubting thomas" but,,,,, if that rifle had been under water for 150 years, the stock would be rotted away… and the old school metal would be rusted into one solid piece of scrap….. worthless.

  • 1995ish, flea market set'n up, old timer turns around and puts an 1873 Spencers Trapdoor Carbine on the table and the tag reads $125…..WTF..minty condition AND still in it's cavalry scabbard. I buy it and ask "whats the story" turns out his brother ran a gun shop in Pittsburg in 1951, he died this brother emptied the store, was now moving n selling the stuff off. it had the 1951 price tag still on it. So I ask, "more stuff?" he tells me some of what he still has. So I offer to follow him home and give him an offer for all of it. He says "no me and the misses have things to do, but he'll see me next week. week goes by, he hasn't called, meet him again. "Oh he says I sold it all to some guy, he gimme 3k for it all. ppl he was so f'ing robbed it weren't funny. by what he partially told me he had I was thinking 7k was still a steal. nother story, 1950's, Germantown Junk Shop. guys got a BIG wooden crate full of civil war CSA hats, your choice the sign reads $5.00…can we roll back the time machine please

  • Cavalry rifle! Good find. I was skeptical at first but as I watched the entire video I became less and less skeptical.

  • This guy i knew use to collect curious and antiques . Though i feel he went too far hauling off tombstones from old rural or abandoned cemeteries . I also didn't like it when he rife through abandoned houses and take stuff . I would contact the owner of the land or descendents of the people who lived in that house and make a deal like if i find anything of value and sell than i the searcher get a percentage . I once bought this little bottle from an old poor lady for 50 cents at her sidewalk sale . She lived in a small apartment nearby . It turned out to be an opium bottle from late 18th century England. I got 350.00 bucks for it . I went back to her and gave her 150.00 bucks . maybe i should have given her more . I like collectables and even though i do the work and time to see if it is valuable , My ethics are such that i will always give back a good percentage to a person who didn't know the value , and is relatively poor . I would not make a good capitalist . I hate exploiting common workers and poor people . Now if i buy something from an upper middle to upper middle flass house sale, estate sale or garage sale i could care less about giving them a percentage of what i sold it for . The prices for stuff in these upper class houses are real expensive anyway for everyday stuff too that has no value as a collectible .

  • Amazing find. The find is true,y amazing but I wonder how it ended up in the creek or be discarded to begin with. Was the soldier killed or wounded? Was it discarded for some reason? What battles before was this firearm used in? Had it ever fired a bullet that took a life or wounded someone? What’s its story? If only it could talk.

  • My girlfriends brother once found a rifle from ww2 in a river in our town. This looked much older and rusty than this Spencer you found. Strange.

  • YOU HAVE A SHARPS CARBINE!!! Fires a black powder Cartridge That is fed up a tube in the rear of the rear stock. It belonged to a yankee & Maybe got captured by one of us rebel thieves. Or just walked up & Took it out of his girly soft yellow Yankee hand, Before he shot him & Took his Horse to eat it.

  • OK, this appears to be a great find. What did you do with it? Did you do anything like electrolysis to stabilize the war relic. Under the right circumstances you might be able to recover the serial number of the weapon. If you could get this serial number you might be able to determine the year the weapon was made. Possible when the weapon was transferred an put into service. If the records were detailed enough you might even be able to determine the name of the solder it was issued to. I know there are a lot if ifs in this deal but if you could find this information out. This would truly make this a unique find.

  • You should try the Rappahannock River from the I-95 Bridge, down past the US-1 and Chatham bridges after a heavy rain has put the river in, or near flood stage. All kinds of stuff is still coming up from the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA.

  • I just found 120 year old hammer head used by black prison labor to build the railroad to Saluda from Tryon…google "Black Prison Labor Saluda Grade" and you'll get the idea of the types of people who held the hammer.. recently there was a lot of storms in Saluda and a lot of the ground has washed away I found the hammer in a waterfall right underneath the Trestle Bridge which spans over the waterfall

  • Oh man that's a post Civil War gun that's not a modern long gun by no means I don't think anybody would lose a long gun except for the Civil War in battling and trying to get warm get out of the water anything could have happened back then

  • Cool piece of History I just inherited a Burnside carbine a Spencer carbine a 1873 trapdoor and a Colt Peacemaker chambered in 41

  • That hunch hit paydirt pretty quick, huh? Just almost unbelievable that thing has any wood at all left after laying uncovered on the bottom of a creek. On a side note, I'm a buyer if selling.

  • How cool is that!!!!!! I would go with my hunches from there on out if I were you….congrats and thanks for sharing

  • I'd like to think it's a civil war relic but there's a good chance it's booty from a 1960s burglery. Depending on circumstances it doesn't take long for metal & wood to deteriorate. Sorry to be a pessimist. I hope it's a treasure & not evidence.

  • Mate love your stuff I live in Kalgoorlie Australia the gold fields dont have a metal detector yet but real keen to get out there you inspired me cheers mate

  • How do you preserve items like these? Could hook up to electrolysis if it's not too corroded but after that what? Same goes for any gun, for example a very rusty WW2 handgun. Hot wax treatment would be risky as might be bullets inside or air cavities…coating with vaseline or something like WD40?

  • You made my day, if we could connect,I'd show you the musketballs I'm pulling out of my yard, I'm thinking it's a skirmish site from bck in the days, central Texas, Lorena

  • Every episode I have watched since last year I have been hoping and praying for a river hunt/search as I think they are the best videos you put out, I was, well we were ( my family etc.) so excited when we saw you there with the rifle in your hands doing what you do best find Civil War relics, from buttons to carbines every piece you bring to the surface is a story of soldiers doing their duty. It will require fairly extensive restoration or stabilisation but even now it is a priceless artifact. Keep these coming Chigg they are awesome.

  • Thought this was a new post, it was top of my list !
    Great find. Is that North or South, or I suppose it could be either.

  • The North only got hold of these in 1864 I believe. Imagine going from 3 rounds a minute to over 12. Another nail in the rebel coffin.

  • Most likely Union Cavalry Sharps Carbine..! Only Sharps Carbines Confederate soldiers carried were captured from battlefields. Doubtful it’s a lost post-civil war because SharpsCarbines was extremely expensive and highly valued long after production..!

    Should go back and retrieve that large iron piece..! Recognized end loop was blacksmith hammer forged typical of Confederate civil war time period equipment..!

  • That just blows me away that been sitting there that long that long wow that is unreal.I wondering how many people that put holes in.

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