I didn’t know a magnet could pick this up….WE FIND CRAZY STUFF SOMETIMES

I didn’t know a magnet could pick this up….WE FIND CRAZY STUFF SOMETIMES

hi guys it’s Leanna and Casondra with
MagNet.O we are here at Liberty Pond it’s out in Fallon we were cleaning our house
and he said we want to go magnet fishing dropped everything drove an hour came
magnet fishing it’s actually pretty small but you can’t swim in here you can
only fish so we’re anticipating a lot of lures and things like that and we’re
excited well so far this pond is kind of killing
us with some trials and tribulations because A it’s really old and rickety and
made of old wood so the splinter are real splinters are gonna be the death of
me and two there’s bees living inside the wood I’ve already got stung but I’m
not allergic to bees it hurts for like 30 to 40 seconds and then it goes away
so I’m whatever I’m fine right on my knuckle it’s not even swollen I’m a heck
of dirty don’t know if you can see that or not but um we’re still getting our
fishing on and never know what we’re gonna catch advice we could give to
people is that we’re usually at a pond for 30 to 40 minutes dragging our our
magnet on the bottom of the pond and it like gets the mud up and so like that
and things starts coming out that are dug deep inside so for those of you
who are magnet fishing and you don’t get anything for the first 10 or 15 minutes
keep keep at it you’re turning that stuff up you’re getting it out and it’s
starting to come up to the top so don’t fret and keep on keeping on MUSIC not too much going on at Liberty Pond
I got a sliver about a bazillion of them and a bee sting other than that I
honestly think that Liberty pond has Bend magnet fishedand I really think
it’s really cool because that means that more Nevadans are realizing what Magnet
fishing are they’re going out there doing it they’re dragging the things out
of the water and they’re throwing it away now let me tell you why I feel this
way there was this really large sign it was huge and attached to it was this
really corroded rusted like hook I guess that I was hanging on something and was
drugged out I feel and stuck by the garbage can how else would it get there
and why else would it be there it’s for fishing this wasn’t something for
fishing so I think people are magnificient taking the things out it
doesn’t make for the greatest content but for real that is just amazing and I
like it and I’m down so I’m gonna try to convince Casondra to take me to Virginia
Park because a I want to see the lake not Virginia Park Virginia Lake because
I want to see where Casondra found this Ouija board and I kind of remember that
living there when I was a little kid I’m gonna see what it looks like see what I
remember see what I don’t remember so what’s changed MUSIC whoa sorry guys I’m breathing pretty
hard how to get down there and get that laptop because as you can
see it doesn’t connect very well barely connects so you’re dragging it and
dragging I had to get on my belly to get it…it’s our first laptop. it’s fairly new like that sucks
whoever did that I’m sorry it’s a bummer but it’s a great fine for us and this is why we really really need a
grappling hook there is so much garbage here and I can’t I’m like
standing on this little bridge thing it’s way down there
that’s water and I cannot pick it up with obviously a magnet because it’s not
magnet just garbage just oodles and oodles of garbage I need to get a
grappling hook I could just scoop all this up put it in the garbage can and I
would be happier about not having to leave this here because I don’t have a
way to pick it up so it’s on my to-do list and that’s definitely it’s gonna
happen! Another awesome magneto adventure I’m so happy that we found
that laptop that was so cool but it super sucks for the people who dropped
it and or got thrown in… angry girlfriend
I don’t know also it’s really difficult to catch fishing poles and to catch like
like electronics they have metal in them but it’s not enough it has like just
enough to where the magnet will pick it up but it doesn’t always bring it out so
the magnet that we have it is my absolute favorite magnet I so far I’m
not gonna use anybody else because they pick up things that none of my other
magnets pick up like of electronics and like fishing poles so I’m super stoked
and another day down with magneto super happy peace out

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5 thoughts on “I didn’t know a magnet could pick this up….WE FIND CRAZY STUFF SOMETIMES”

  • Sweet find ladies, I hate it when others pull items out and dump stuff, definitely have a grappling hook, I attach mine to the other end of my rope so it's always at hand if I need it and you can use both magnet and grappling hook on big finds together. Looking forward to the next video. Take care. 👍🇬🇧

  • Looks like you had a good day out! Out here in Winnemucca, we havent found a thing from the rivers and streams except nails. Best wishes!

  • Nice job ladies. I like getting the garbage out of the water too. It’s so bad for the fish and the animals. Uggg. Anyway nice job. Take care Birdman649. Just subbed ya back. 👍

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