hey what’s up everyone its Dennis here
back with another video so today I’m actually gonna be watching the world’s
first human lifting fishing drone now this has been released about a week ago
I knew about it through my drone Facebook group someone have posted it in
there I haven’t actually watched this video on saying that today there’s a
news actually went there a different news station that pass out which is the
Civil Aviation Safety Authority is actually investigating this people who
actually created this video video so I’m gonna watch this clip now it’s about two
and a half minutes long give me a little background on what this is I mean it’s
cool though right sets it’s just one drone with a huge rope he’s actually
drinking baby beer as well okay no wonder world sells a human lifting
fishing ground okay so we’ll build our own okay
fair enough turns out it’s hard to know without yeah
well it is kind of hard to build a drone it’s not that easy unless you do the
building racing drones finally some progress now yeah I said trying to lift up modest
motorcycle by bicycle okay human lifting grounds accepted definitely Australia’s because I could
see it’s a baby beer it’s rolling from Melbourne Victoria man really oh geez actually did it yes Oh fishing up in the air with the
drones lifting about in the chair how cool is that
or how scary is that this is such an Australian thing today
drinking beer and fishing now drone okay one two three four five six years since
it’s a six Padre sorry okay celebrating with bees
typical Australian style okay Casey nice back for inspiration of course did you
use with 300 IQ Ansel okay there’s just one big-ass drone with six propellers
lifting that guy up so anyway it’s all over the news like similar V Safety
Authority or Casa is investigating this video of a man fishing from drone over
Victorian reservior that we serve are a kind of Canasta ABC News video man
fishing while dangling from drones under investigation by casa
it’s obviously they posted this video of YouTube I’m assuming someone tip Castle
off and now they’re under investigation and that’s probably how it blew up and
now it’s all over the news casa spokesman Peter Gibson said there were
serious safety risks involved with what appeared in the footage it’s really not
a sensible thing to do in any way shape or form there’s lots of things that
could have gone wrong someone could have been seriously injured I agree totally
agree again things are going well it’s gonna be fine however if what happens if
there’s an accident happened that’s where everything goes pear-shaped so
I’ll totally understand what Peter Gibson who’s the spokesperson classes is
saying in there mr. Gibson said severe breaches of
Aviation Regulations could result in penalties of more than ten thousand
Australian dollars in fines or casas could pursue court action court action
meaning those guys those blokes could be potentially go to jail
AV Isis our drone training licensing and auditing company said the footage was
risky due to the lack of quality control over the homemade drone looking at from
the rules aspect I mean they’re not flying more than 120 metres above ground
they’re not flying on a very populated area no flying within 30 metres of
people I mean yeah well China isn’t kind of not consuming he’s got consent the
one on the chair his by the way I don’t want to go to that details but this is
important because every time there’s something in the news relating
to drone it’s either either a really good news story or are really crap news
like then today I feel like everyone’s heading towards that it’s really crap
Casas investigating this and I don’t know like to me I personally wouldn’t do
on any of these things but I feel like I can understand why they did this you
know they wanted to do something they wanted to do something differently
they’ve assuming they’ve assessed the risk you know and nothing did went wrong
however you know should something goes wrong you know maybe things would have
been a little bit different but looking at this from Makassar perspective yes I
can understand why they’ll be pissed off but you know
sometimes the media blows this up and it’s like we’ve seen it in case you not
stats video if you don’t know Casey Neistat is there’s a video of him
snowboarding with a drone that was very popular videos also but did he got a lot
of negative media coverage of about it I don’t know I don’t remember all Hussein
is this cool video but here it’s kind of a little bit different you know when
when people see drones it’s like with the bad thing straight away and the
media picks it up and again it’s drone bashing everywhere deliberate Saturn
about this button said in some way form I can understand what why castle would
be investigating this but I just wish that there won’t be any fines order
though those guys won’t go to jail I mean it’s hard like a lot of people can
debate on this one a lot of purists will say no that’s just wrong and they should
go to jail other side of things is well look they just a bunch of guys having
fun I’m sure they process the risk yet no one got hurt let’s not get carried
get carried away about this lets you know and let’s not drone bash you know I
think we’ve had enough drone bashing over the last couple years I keep saying
drone bashing I’m just yeah I just hate it anyway when whatever you know there’s
a media negative media about drones let me know your thoughts what do you reckon
of this video again link the video down below so you can
have a look yourself don’t necessarily feel they deserve to find and I saw I
also don’t think that they need to go to jail yeah it could be a warning or it
could be look hey man thanks for doing this
really appreciate no one got hurt however and next time please be careful
about this you know something like that I don’t know a little bit slow on the
drone world at the moment of sleep with DJI and not releasing any new products
yes you never know they might really something Christmas I doubt it I’ve been
trying to find or curate drone related news and this is the latest one I find
and unfortunately it’s not really a good news story to send you story to be
honest buck we’ll find out I’m a little bit more ones concept completes their
investigation on what happens with this guys anyway so that’s really for me
thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video remember to give it a
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this is Dennis I’ll see you in the next one bye


  • At the end of the day people modify everything on anything you get bikes modified cars modified I don’t really see the problem I think it was cool video but once again it’s a drone so love them or hate them people will have something to say…
    Thanks for sharing……👍🏼😉😎

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