How to Tie a Fly for Fly Fishing : How to Tie a Chenille Body: Basic Fly Tying Instruction

Hi, this is Robert Brown for Expert
and in this clip I am going to demonstrate how to tie in a chenille body on a fly. I’ve
already tied in a tail on this little fly and this is chenille. It comes on these little
paper cardboard tidbits and you pull a little bit off and cut it off and that is the material
that you use to make the bodies on a lot of flies. So what you are going to do is get
a hold of just the very end of it. You place it on top of the hook and you just tie it
in and once you’ve tied it in, you then begin twisting the chenille around the body
of the fly. Just turn after turn until you get to the front of the hook. While you are
holding the chenille straight up you just lift with your other hand the fly floss up
and over the top on the bobbin. The neat thing about the bobbin it has enough mass and weight
to it that it will continually pull tension and keep you from having to fuss around with
trying to pull the fly floss by hand. Once you clip off that excess piece, you do a couple
of wraps to really lock it in there, and you have a nice little chenille body.

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