How to Surf Fishing for Redfish – Surf Fishing Tips

this is my favorite time of the year the
bull redfish are moving in close and closer to the beach they’re going to be at the
piers the jetties the passes honestly this is the best time of the year to
catch a trophy bull wether it be a 40 inch or 45 or even 50s this being
my favorite time of the year I wanted to make a video on how to catch bull redfish
in the surf in this video I’m gonna discuss tackle gear leaders conditions
baits time of the year and reading the beach so hope you learn some please
enjoy one of the most important conditions and
aspects surf fishing for redfish is wind there’s three different types of winds
there’s a southeast wind south wind and an east wind those three different types
of winds from one’s gonna read bull ribs into the surf you see West Southwest
Northwest anything west on the map don’t even bother just stay home south and
south and southeast winds are your average winds they bring in a steady amount of bull
redfish in the surf depending on the wind mileage
that’s what’s gonna tell you when to go out there if you see like a strong 10-20
mph south southeast wind go out there the surf is gonna be rough that’s what
they like fish an incoming tide if you fish an incoming tide you can fish a lot
closer if you fish an outgoing tight I suggest to get on one of the
bars and cast away past the 2nd gut I like to fish incoming tides now the optimal
winds for surf fishing these bull redfish or east winds these winds are hard and
heavy it bring up the tides the water is super big it’s rough and bull redfish like
rough water whenever you see a nice wind out there you need to get out there and
if you tie that with a full moon at night around midnight or so that’s when i’ve
had the best luck geez you just you’re gonna be catching all
night and believe it or not, the biggest redfish i’ve caught what’s on the east east
wind rough east wind full moon and I landed a 50 inch bull redfish another thing that’s really important
it’s not really talked about his barometric pressure redfish tend to eat
when the barometric pressure rices quickly or drops quickly and
most importantly what makes the Bull redfish run it’s the first cold front of the
fall so to sum up weather the best winds fish are east winds east south east winds
north east winds average winds are south south east winds these winds if you see
west on the map stay home north winds okay remember
barometric pressure is also very important quick spikes quick drops and
pressure ultimately in my opinion the best conditions to fish are a hard east
wind on a full moon with rising pressure on a high tide that is to me in my
opinion is the ideal conditions for bull redfish So after finding the perfect beach fishing
conditions you got to get strategic you got to read the beach next reading the
beach knowing how to read the beach is one of the most important aspects of
surf fishing as well you gotta you gotta know where to cast you wanna cast past
sandbars cast into guts through the cuts into holes all kinds of different
locations to be successful the surf redfish should have different place to hang out
it this is we’re about to learn right now Gulf Coast beaches have a lot of
structure there’s first second and third sandbars there’s guts there’s also a
weight good that you can cast into for bait
so here’s the first cut right here or what they call the wade gut here is where you get most of your bait, mullet whiting sand trout shad here and there
and other things on a really high tide bull redfish will be running through the
wade gut specifically during east winds where the tides are extremely high
there will be plenty of redfish swimming through that wade gut so after the
weight cut here’s another apparent structure the first
sandbar the first sandbar I use it to cast into the next gut most of the time
when you’re fishing with lures in this area there’s a lot of redfish and trout
that are hugging the edge of the sandbar most of the time while the tide is
really high I like to get it on the first sandbar and cast past into the
second gut which has passed a second sandbar all right let’s move forward
with the next structure the second sandbar the second sandbar is relatively
hard to access you have to know how to swim and most importantly you have to
wear a PFD to get to this bar that’s second that that cut after the first
sandbar can be up to six feet deep on an east wind it’s probably eight feet deep
big big bull redfish swim after the second sandbar I’m talking about like 40 and
up bull redfish so basically the way to fish sandbars depends on your tides low tide
you can get past the second bar on a very high tides wade gut first cut now
beyond the second bar is the third bar it’s it’s not worth it to get out there
that’s beyond the breakers right there you can’t stand on that bar you got to
be like seven feet tall it’s really really deep and it’s just don’t do it
don’t do it now let’s talk about gear gear is one of
my favorite parts of surf fishing in general I like to compare test and push all my
gear to the limits as well as customize it when it comes to surf fishing you’re
gonna need some hardcore durable stuff make a handle salt water and sand let me
go ahead and give you an example of the stuff that I use this is my custom daiwa
saltist 20 on a 13-foot breakaway HDX the saltist is twenty is one of my
favorite because it’s basically been destructible for me has 17 pounds of
drag and lmetal frame corrosion resistance ball bearings and a custom
knobby mag the spool holds around 250 yards of 50 pound braid and I like to
top it off with 10 yards of 65 lb shock leader so here in the
market for a conventional reel this is what I look for drag power you really
don’t need anything over 20 pounds of bull redfish fight pretty hard but 20
pounds anything above that is too much now there are some to speed lever drugs
out there that have 50 60 pounds of drag you don’t need that they’re expensive but
if you got the money big baller go ahead and go from buy it
another thing I look for is line capacity if you’re using braids I like
to use the smaller size reels like with the Daiwa 20s and the 30s be using mono
that 20 or 30 they’re gonna be way too small because mono is a lot thicker than
braid when it comes to line capacity you’re gonna at least eat 200 yards
braids or mono here are my suggestions for a conventional surf reel the daiwa saltist, daiwa sealine, Shimano Torium, penn squal when it comes to surf fishing I like
using all kinds of tackle including spinning reels
I mainly like spinning reels because of their ease used and they’re really
simple to cast I use spinning reels for lures and also medium class surf fishing setups here’s what I look for in a surf fishing spinning reel one of the most important
things that look for in a surf fishing spinning reel is is it sealed the main reason you need
a sealed reel is because of the rigorous tasks you’re gonna put that surf fishing
spinning reel through instead of go through some harsh elements sand salt
water and all and big fish here’s a list of common sealed reels the penn spinfisher long cast 7,500 the Daiwa black gold the Shimano spheros the Daiwa ballistic
ex and also the tsunami shield the tsunami shield is definitely gonna give
the spin Fisher and the BG Daiwa a run for their money
another thing I look for in a surf fishing reel is gear ratio for soaking bait I look for lower
ratio for more torque higher ratio less torque drag of course no less than 10
pounds a metal frame for durability and lack capacity like I said before at
least 200 yards all right so this is my surf fishing spinning setup, this is a Shimano spheros 8 K on a nine foot daiwa coastal sp surf fishing rod the
main reason I went with the Spheros is because first of all it was on sale at bass pro second of all as a sealed system sealed drag you know that has
decent drag nice line capacity and look good yes
aesthetics were nice I paired it on a daiwa coastal SP surf fishing rod the nine foot
version I went with that rod because it was light and it has a lot of high-end
components from only 150 bucks it hasn’t let me down it’s been able to reel in
some big bull redfish 40s and forty fives all day the other reason I went with
the Daiwa coastal sp surf fishing rod is because I asked tangle free guides it
is very important that you get these guides so you prevent wind knots
the next part when it comes to surf fishing gear are rods rods are a lot easier to
select basically you go with an 8 foot up to a 13 foot surf rod if you’re gonna
be doing some light surf fishing like over the nine foot rod some of they can
cast at least five ounces you’re going hardcore I’d go with a 12 or 13-footer
it all really depends what you’re surf fishing for and how many Ounces are
casting out alright next up is line a new surf fishing you need to use thicker
line due to the abrasion from the sandbars all the wave action going back
and forth will definitely tear up your lines on the long run I personally
prefer braid over mono the reason why is because like I said I like smaller surf fishing reels braid is thinner gives you more capacity on my reels when I fish braids I like to
use thirty pound on my light surf fishing set up specifically on my
spinning setups I use 50 pound braid for my bigger
conventional reel such as my daiwa saltist 20 30 my akios 757 with my bigger reels i use 65 pound braid when you fish with mono people we
typically fish 17 a thirty pound test I got said before if you’re gonna be
fishing the smaller conventional reels you’re gonna have to use 17 pound mono
if you’re using braids you can use whatever size you want except for 65
which is pretty thick now also on my conventional surf reels I use a shock leader I
use 50 pound shock leader or 65 pounds on my smaller setups daiwa saltist 20 and 30 I use 50-pound Suffix Superior on my spinning setups I don’t
use a shock leader I don’t feel like it’s necessary on my spinning setups
because they’re a medium class surf fishing fishing setup when it comes to leaders I
use three different types of leaders they use your standard fish finder rig
I use the Carolina style shorter drum rig and I also use your standard Walmart
double drop rig now the most popular surf fishing rig is the fish finder rig
everybody uses it it’s easy to make it’s readily available most type of stores
selling I like to use a 10 out demon circle hook on the other end here’s another rig that I use this is
the Carolina style drum rig the short version I don’t see anybody in Texas
really fish with this I think they’re missing out I use this when I really
really want to get some distance as a short lead and the way that it’s built
the way that it’s made it seems to be easier to cast the way that I build this
is basically a 10 on demon circle hook on the end attached with a Palomar knot
to around 3 inches of fluorocarbon I usually record because it’s invisible
it’s can you can barely see it in this picture that’s right the redfish can’t see
it either then I attached it to a swivel this is a
minimalist rig it requires very little Hardware less than other surf fishing rigs trust me
less hardware is good using less hardware will equal more hookups you
don’t need to be using all this stuff the fish can see all your hardware
whether you’re using purple pink whatever but whatever color beads they
can see it and plus we’re trying to impress you trying to catch fish or you
trying to impress your buddies which one fish or buddies now when it comes to
weights this is a relatively simple concept if you have a hard core current
you want to use the heavier spider weight six seven eight ounces depends on
your rod also if you’re using a hard core surf setup something I can handle
a tin bait eight to 12 ounces and you would have to cast out a big weight
spider weight preferably they hold down better into the sand they don’t sit
there and move here and there with the current on day so there’s hardly any
current you’re all good with a fervid weight three to eight ounces whichever
you like to use all right let’s talk about bait bait is
one of the next critical elements when it comes to surf fishing I use four
different types of bait mullet shad sand trout and whiting there’s other baits
you could use crab croaker in fish I don’t use those baits as much because
they catch other fish that I’m trying to weed out at them when I’m fishing for
bull redfish alright let’s talk about mullet mola that’s easily and readily
throughout the surf you can also buy it almost every single bait store it’s easy
to get you cast at any single body of water you’re probably gonna catch some
mullet bullet it’s most abundant late summer early fall when you’re fishing
for bull redfishwhen it comes to later in the fall in the winter all that it’s not
easily available it’s not really good way to use during the these seasons
alright let’s talk about shed shad is almost everyone’s favorite bait
unfortunately it’s not it’s easy to access it’s quite a rare commodity to be
able to catch this and out in the wild most of the time you have to buy it not
only is shad great bait it’s also really really good to eat quite a delicacy shad
is excellent bait during the summer and fall and late fall seasons when fishing
for bull redfish unfortunately it doesn’t last very long in a hook so many other fish
like to eat it when you cast it out you could lose it when I surf fish with shad I
usually just cast the whole thing out I’m being sheisty and cheap I’ll cut it
in half up Next is sand trout actually my favorite baits are used to
fish with words you cannot get it at the bait store does not want
you to know about this bait when used to life
it is extremely panicky it tries to swim away from your hook which then gives it
redfish or reactionary strike because it’s wounded when fishing for sand trout
for bait you have to catch them on lures and you lure they used to catch speckled
trout with will work depending on the water conditions in the colors and
clarity and you know all that good stuff I think sand trout is the best bait to surf
fish for bull redfish in the summer and fall not so great in the winter
because they are scarce throughout the surf always fish sand trout whole and
alive right after catching if you cannot fish it alive fresh dead works good
whiting is my next favorite bait whiting is absolutely the best bait to use
during the winter months they’re all over the surf to raise it a catch and
they don’t wanted a cook one you can also eat them like I said before redfish
eat what’s most abundant in the surf during these cold months that’s what’s
in the surf big whiting tons of it with whiting I found myself surf fishing a more
s cut bait rather than whole life to eat because when you catch a whiting they’re
either too small or they’re really big I usually start to fish with whiting in
late November all the way into February as long as the bull redfish around they’re
gonna eat whiting whiting are quite easy to catch basically you know I like one
of my previous videos the way to catch whiting would be with a small pink piece
of fish bites and a double drop rig and small hooks just basically cast out into
one of the guts within a couple of minutes to have one or two whiting on
there so to sum up bait mullet sand trout shad are great bait during summer all the
way up to late fall once we hit winter you start getting 40 degree
temperatures the water the water temperature drops below 70 and whiting
becomes important and very abundant in the surf and that’s what you’re gonna
use to catch bull redfish during the winter well that sums up my video on how to
catch a redfish in the surf like comment subscribe let me know in the
comments how you surf fish for redfish ultimately we all have the same goal and
it’s to catch the biggest redfish we can I want to learn – I want to learn your
methods as well I like to try out different things hope this video helped
go out there and catch a big one for me

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