How to Pack Gear for Fly Fishing : Tips on Using Fly Boxes for Fishing

ALVIN DEDEAUX: All right. Another piece of
essential gear are your fly boxes. They come in all different sizes and shapes and probably
the most important thing is just make sure that your flies will fit in them. If you got
big flies and you want to have flies with big spaces; your smaller flies, you’re going
to have smaller spaces You can keep a lot of flies in a box like this or even this little
box I carry on my lanyard. One thing, there’s so many different fly boxes; it’s kinda hard
to say what’s the best for any certain situation, but one thing you do want to remember is you
can put a lot of flies in one of these boxes, so it’s always a good idea maybe to put your
name and your phone number or maybe even your address or something on your fly boxes so
that if they do fall out of your pocket and go floating down the river and somebody finds
them, they’ll more than likely return them to you ’cause they’ll feel guilty ’cause they
know who you are now and there’s your name and there’s your phone number. But it’s kind
of hard to say what’s the best box, probably whatever you like and as long as you can get
your flies to fit in it.

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