How to Pack Gear for Fly Fishing : Tips on Fly Fishing Gear Bags

ALVIN DEDEAUX: All right, so we’re getting
ready to go on a fishing trip, we need something to carry our fishing gear in. A nice gear
bag is a good thing. You can use this thing for just packing your stuff while you’re at
the house and you can also take it to the boat and I’ve pretty much got everything I
need in here for a fishing trip. A couple of nice things about this bag is it’s got
a welded bottom, so it’s totally waterproof. If I did want to sit it down to the boat,
I could sit it in the boat in the water, up to here, you know actually up to the zipper
and it won’t get wet. It’s got a nice lid that actually covers the zipper, so once I’ve
closed this thing up like this, it’s pretty much waterproof. The rain’s not going to get
in it, the water’s not going to soak in from the bottom. All my stuff’s protected, I can
put my camera in here and I don’t have to worry about it. It’s got straps to carry it
this way, it’s got nice adjustable shoulder strap for when I’m carrying it to the airport.
Nice compartments, a lot of them will actually have movable; I can adjust this or I can take
the dividers out and make it just one big compartment. It’s nice. It’s got a little
pocket up top, zippered pocket in the lid where I can get stuff that I need, and the
way I’ve got it set up is I’ve got it kinda organized. I’ve got my fly boxes here, I’ve
got sort of terminal tackle and stuff here, and then I got big stuff here: Binoculars,
glasses, WD-40, hand sanitizer, stuff like that. So, I don’t even really have to think
about what I’m looking for. I just reach in the bag and automatically know this stuff’s
here, this stuff’s here, this stuff’s here, and I usually try to make it a point of always
putting the stuff back in the same place, then that way, when you’re out on the water,
you’re not fumbling around, digging through the bag like going on, “Where did I put that?”
or “Where did put that?” That’s always in the same place, so you just reach in there
and get what you need.

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