How to Make Golden Fried Prawns | गोल्डन फ्राइड प्रॉन्स बनाने की विधि

Subscribe to Abeda’s Kitchen and click on the notification bell for regular updates Hi everyone welcome once again Today we are going to make Prawn Golden Fry It’s a very simple and easy recipe, you can serve this as a snack or a starter so let’s get started For this I have taken 10 pieces of prawn here I have washed and cleaned the prawn and I have removed the veins from the front and back and I have kept the tail the way it was now we will make small slits in the prawn because when we put the prawn in oil then the prawn starts to curl so to avoid that curling, we will make slits and then we will press and break the muscle what happens by doing this is that the size of the prawn also becomes a bit longer and when we put it in the oil it does not curl now for the batter we will take 3/4 cup of All Purpose flour/Maida 3 tbsp of corn flour salt to taste black pepper powder 1/2 tsp now mix this well now we will put one egg mix this also now in this we will add 200 ml chilled sparkling water I am adding this to give an extra crunchy effect If you want you can also add baking powder and plain water and mix it add water gradually and mix and mix well to make sure that there is no lump now we will take half cup all purpose flour/maida add salt to taste and mix well now to this we will put prawn pieces and coat it well with this maida/all purpose flour out here I have coated all the prawn pieces now we will take oil in a pan as required check if the oil is hot or not the oil is hot now we will dip the coated prawns in the batter holding its tail we will dip it in the batter and leave it in the oil we will put the rest of the pieces also in the oil and keep stirring so that it gets brown equally its brown well now our golden fried prawn is ready see how easy it is to make it is a very simple and easy recipe serve it with any type of sauce serve it immediately don’t wait too long or else it will become soft Do try this recipe and share it with your family and friends and tell me in the comment section how did you all like the recipe and if you like the recipe do click on the like button and if you are new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram do take care see you again thank you

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