How to make a Toy Rowing Boat – DIY Boat

hello there we are going to make
this rowing boat for this you need a DC motor with a small plastic pulley, one switch and one AAA battery holder now we have to make a big pulley from a
cardboard so draw two 4cm diameter wheels and one 3cm diameter wheel now glue the small wheel in between these two big wheels, keep in mind the center should
match and dry it under pressure once dried make this opening little bigger using a file thus the bigger pulley ready. now you need two aluminum clamps where two drill are there, one iron rob to use as a shaft put some super glue and push the pulley to have a tight fitting now using a plier bend this shaft both the side and make a “U” shape. through this you have to pass this clamp and then cut the extra wire and round the top part. I pushed already this two clamps, cut the extra wire and the two end part was rounded up. now I’m going to mount that using screw on top of a cardboard, the battery, motor and the switch are mounted. The motor is clamped with a screw. and the motor, battery and the switch is in series. with a rubber band the pulley is connected. Once you switch ON , you can see its rotating now you need a thermocol piece, draw the board shape on top of it and cut with a knife this thermocol is about 1 inch thick. once cut , one end you start cutting with a knife cut all the edges and give it a boat like shape. To give it a round curved shape use a sand paper and slowly gradually rub it. Like this a smooth, cute boat is ready now I’m going to put this boat on top
of it so i cut the extra cardboard, I marked the border and cut a groove to fit this board on top of the thermocol boat. Now this is important, you can pause it here i connected one wire, with two screws, both side of the wire are looped and this is the row which is passing through these loops and which is connected with the motor using the pulley and rubber band. So if you switch ON, you can seeits moving like this as if its rowing. To make the row fins, you need some plastic sheet. I have used a cover of a plastic box, cut like a row fin shape cut two pieces. You need two small pipe just glue that on the fins then fit it with the row like this. You can rotate to make the angle of rowing and is the complete thing ready, if you switch on you can see its rowing. You can see from both sides Now this is our small bath tub of my kid. I just put it here and turn ON. See its nicely rowing around the water hope you enjoyed. Try it yourself

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