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Andysfishing on youtube, HD videos uploaded every week How to retro fit a loop weed guard on an existing fly. The main thing you need to have is a bit of room up here. If you have no room between the eye of the fly and the eye of the hook, this will be a very hard operation. What I use is some cheap 30 pound mono-filament. I don’t like to use flurocarbon for this as it is very stiff. I like my weed-guards to give way when a fish bites the fly. So I’ve just cut a short length here. The first trick is to bend the mono in hals and give it a little pinch with pliers. So you get a nice tight bend in it like that. Then you get some tying thread and I’m using the same colour, start that off just there. Lay the mono along the hook and do 4 or 5 very light turns. Then we pull the mono out. And to see how long it is we bed it back. We want the mono to go past the bend of the hook. When it’s at the right distance I will lock it off. Then tie it off. Put some head cement on that in a second. Trim these tails, there we go. The next trick is, you bend that and it should stay there. And then get a position about where my thumbnail is. And we want another bend so the loop goes towards the hook. I’m just doing that with my figers. It’s just a little too far forwards. Straighten that a bit and bang, perfect weed-guard. Nice and soft just behind the barb of the hook. You can make this distance shorter, but you want the mono to go past the hook bend. I like this weed guard very much. Happy Fishing! Thanks for watching, subscribe to see more of my videos.

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