How to Grow Bougainvillea Cuttings Without Root Harmone / with Update //Mammal Bonsai

Hello , Friends I am Vijay Saini & Welcome To Mammal Bonsai Once again today we will grow bougainvillea Cuttings so we will take some cuttings This is my bougainvillea in the Ground its growing well we can use thick cuttings thick cuttings also growing well don”t take Green bark”s Cuttings Your cutter should be sharp otherwise cuttings may be damage So keep this in mind that use sharp cutter ok friends , we took these cuttings I have prepared a place in the ground for cuttings Keep in mind before planting cuttings your Cutting be cut Sharp from here This time I will not using rooting Harmon Because my mostly friends don”t have rooting Harmon I will do it ,then they will be confused Because they don”t Have Rooting Harmon So this time i will grow it without any Root Harmon Now we just have to put it Don,t plant it wrong side If new buds growing upside mean its right If cutting buds looking downside mean this wrong so check it before planting Keep some distance between Cuttings so that later have to be removed easily now push cuttings in the ground The cuttings will be pushed up slightly Let’s see how many will grow Not all will necessarily grow ok Friends we have done it Now push cutting in the ground with Hand Cuttings have thrones so do carefully ok Friends now time to watering Although slightly Wet Soil but requires some Watring Next to the water when the soil slightly Here winter so cuttings no need more water we plant these cutting in pots after new branches grow we can block this area with cow dung so cuttings will not dry out from here But i will not using now because my all viewers don”t have cow dung So i have done with Simple Method so my all viewers can do it cuttings are growing well mostly i have done in February but this time i have just try it & result good but Slow Growth I will grow some more cuttings in February Ok Friends See you In the Next Video ,till then Bye Take care ,thanks

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