How to Fly Fish – Top 3 Casting Mistakes

How to Fly Fish – Top 3 Casting Mistakes

this is captain Chris Myers of Orlando
fly casting and Central Florida Sight fishing charters. I’m glad you found my
video today, if you like what you see please subscribe to my channel. if you’re
going to be visiting Orlando in Central Florida come and see me for a personal
casting lesson or a fly fishing charter. a lot of these ideas I get for new
videos are from subscribers comments some emails I get. if you have any ideas
on something you’d like to see please be sure to let me know. today I’m going to
talk about the three most common fly casting mistakes that I see over and
over and over whether my fishing charters or I’m giving people fly
casting lessons. these are the things that I see that cause most people problems. the number one thing, if I could take all the rest of them put
together, is using the wrists in the cast, far too much, and there’s two ways people
use the wrists. there’s some people that cast only wrists they hold everything
still. they cast only wrist. Watch how the rod goes around like a windshield wiper and
that cast rarely ever goes more than 20 25 feet. the second most common way that
I see the wrist cause people problems is they go straight straight straight
straight straight they stop and then they finish with the wrist at the end so
we end up with a T with the rod flat behind them. and what happens to the line
instead of the line going up over the tip like this where it should go up in
the air when I bend my wrist it goes down in the back. the easiest way to
figure out if that’s happening to you is look right here at your hand is your
hand even with your face is there a big gap here between the butt ofy your rod and
your wrist because if you didn’t start out with one you can’t end up with one
without the rod going around in some kind of curve. if the rod moves in a big curve
so will your fly line be in a big curve. so that bending the wrist is number one
bad habit combined everything else combined. number two bad habit that I see
is even when folks are making good casts with good loops like such you see where
I’m stopping the rod I’m going to stop and then follow through.
now the bad habit is instead of stopping and following through we go from
position 1 to position to position 1 position to position one, two and a half
or three. so instead of the rod stopping out here allowing the loop to form and
then following through the bad habit is following through straight to the water.
so if you’re ending up with your rod parallel to your waist as your final
stop and it would look like this. cast cast cast now I’m gonna let it go. you now I have a lot of slack in my line my
leader fell in a pile it did not go out as far and if there was any breeze at
all in my face that thing’s gonna get pushed back even closer to end up right
off the tip of my rod. so the remedy to that solution is to make a stop up here
above our head where ever we were stopping on the false cast before you’re
gonna have to stop in that same general area. one hit it hit it and then I follow
through to the water. there has to be a stop and a follow through. third most
common thing that I see is making too short of a stroke and as a result of
that we have to add too much power. just like a lot of other sports if I only
throw a ball from here to here I would have to throw it very very hard to get
it to go any kind of distance. if I reach back here I could throw that ball and go
make it go much farther I don’t have to use as much muscle. Same thing with
fly casting. if we can move that tip from way back here
way out here to way back here I’m moving that tip a long way. if my stroke is only
this now I have to do it a lot harder to get it to go not only does it make me
more tired, makes my arm tired, but I’m going to start getting closed or tailing
loops. If you’re not familiar with what that is you check out my fly casting video on
the tailing loop. what it looks like is this and it causes knots in your leader
causes your hook to catch on your line it causes all kind of problems with
distance and accuracy. too short of a stroke too much power.
see look down at your hand. Is your hand only moving, video yourself, is you hand only moving this far or is your hand moving and therefore the tip
of your rod moving this far. my hand is moving from behind my body to in front
of my body and I’m only casting 35 feet here as if I went any farther I’d be in
the trees. but for a longer cast I might reach way back here way out here. so
longer stroke means less power see if any of those apply to your casting. if
you’re having some problems with your fly casting check out
every one of those I have an additional video that will tell you in detail how
to address identify and correct this problem
thanks again please subscribe you got any other fly casting ideas you’d like
or tips you’d like to see me talk about please let me know

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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do these videos. I just bought my first fly rod, and started to practice in my backyard. The tips I have gotten from you have saved hours of trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. While I still have a long way to go, I m able to correct my mistakes from watching your videos. The first time that fly came past me from my backcast like a bullet all the way to the end of the line was a great feeling. I'm trying to practice every day to be able to repeat that feeling consistently

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