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Chances are you found this
video because you’re looking for some help with building a fish pond. Well in this video, How
To Build a Fish Pond, we go into specific details of
why we’re upgrading this old, traditional fish pond with
high maintenance issues. So grab yourself a drink, and
sit back and enjoy the video. Hi, guys, it’s Mark from, you’re trusted resource in the UK for ponds and water features. And what we’ve got here is we’ve got an eight foot by eight foot
round, traditional fish pond. There’s a lot of fish
in this particular pond, and they’ve been in there for
a long time, about 15 years. And we’ve got a very
small filtration system keeping the pond looking good, but it needs weekly maintenance. How crazy is that? Weekly maintenance to me is far too much. You should be cleaning
your filters out every four to six weeks to allow the
beneficial bacteria to colonize. Otherwise, what you’re doing is basically you’re flushing out any
feces on a regular basis, so as soon as the fish defecate
it’s out of the system. So a lot of work, it’s a lot of attention. So what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna upgrade this particular pond to a
10 foot by eight foot pond. Two foot deep, we’re still
gonna be two foot deep. We’re gonna put rocks and
gravel all around the outside, and also we’re gonna put in
a wetland filtration system that only really needs
cleaning out once a season, or once a year, depending
on the size of the fish, depending on the size of the pond, depending on what you’re
gonna keep in the pond. So what we’re doing today is we’re building a
lovely natural fish pond. Stay tuned for the Any Pond showcase. (slow synthesized music) So before we actually
start digging the pond, what I’m doing is I’m
plumbing in the biofalls so we can actually bury the
pipe underneath the ground. So what I’ve got is I’ve got a 63 mil pipe coming from the skimmer
that I’m gonna tee off. One’s gonna go to the wetland, and one’s gonna go to the biofalls. And what I’m doing is I’m
reducing it down to 50 mil, so the 63 to the 50,
and then basically 1x 50mm goes to the biofalls, and
1x 50mm goes to the wetland. And also, we’re gonna
put on these gate valves so I can regulate the flow, how much water goes down
the (biofalls) waterfall filter, and how much water goes into
the wetland filtration system. So, let’s crack on. (slow synthesized music) So now we’ve got a plan. We’re gonna basically extend
the fish pond two foot that way. As you can see the skimmer
box is gonna go down in there. This is what the skimmer box looks like. We’re gonna turn it around. So we’re gonna have the skimmer here. And we’re gonna have a
waterfall at the back, so that flows down a five-foot stream. And also these. So this is gonna go into the ground and water’s gonna percolate
up through the gravel. We’re gonna put a skimmer box on that side and we’re gonna extend the
pond two foot that way. (slow synthesized music) So now we’ve got all the groundwork done. We’ve gone down to two feet in the middle, we’ve extended the fish pond by two feet. We’ve also excavated around
for this surface skimmer, and also we’ve got the
Wetland filtration system down underneath the ground, and we’re gonna have
gravel on top of there. We’re gonna have a five-foot stream. Wetland filtration. We’ve got the surface fish pond skimmer. So let’s get the underlaying
liner, than the overlay, and then we can start rocking. And what we’re gonna do today
is we’re gonna actually stack a lot of stones around the bottom, to make it look a little
bit more interesting, and also we’re gonna build a big fish cave out of the glass tabletop
that came out of the last one. Now normally, I wouldn’t
use a glass tabletop, but the client wants a big fish cave because the fish are used
to having a big fish cave. So we’re gonna put in a
five foot by three foot piece of glass, and we’re
gonna rock over the top of it, and make it all look nice. So you won’t actually
see it apart from unless you’re actually
specifically looking for it. So carry on watching, appreciate it. (slow synthesized music) As you can see, the
fish pond’s taking shape now. We’ve still got quite a bit of work to do, but as you can see, we’ve
started rocking in the pond. We’ve got pebbles in the bottom. We’ve even put the fish cave in. And today, it’s all about the stream and building the waterfall, and carrying on the creative process. (slow synthesized music) – [Computerized Voice] I am
very impressed with my new pond that Mark has just finished. He listened to my brief and
interpreted it very well. He answered all my questions honestly and understood when I was anxious, and never made me feel silly. I would thoroughly recommend them. (slow synthesized music)

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