Hiccups with Magnet Fishing

hi guys it’s Leanna I’m here with
Casondra and I’m here with my friend her name is Stephanie hi Stephanie
we are MagNeat.o and we are here at Spooner Lake it’s up in Lake Tahoe I
haven’t been here in a really really really long time so I don’t remember
what it’s like the last time I was here was like long time ago there
was leeches in this pond or this Lake so we’ll see if these are
gonna to be A really awesome or B it’s gonna be disgusting so we’re gonna go
that way right now we’re gonna pick some garbage up over on our way there Spooner
is actually really good they have Park Rangers and they they clean up so that’s
that’s pretty amazing and there isn’t usually a ton of garbage but there’s you
know they miss some stuff so we’re on our way and we I will be back [MUSIC] you have a look at how absolutely clean
it is here it is so amazing I’m very impressed
I’ve yet to even find some garbage and so Spooner lake is definitely on my top
list of just awesomeness for being eco-friendly or having somebody come out
here and clean [MUSIC] all right the first cast of the day
she’s reeling it on in Casondra over there doing your due diligence and I don’t know if people fish here. Do people fish here? Yes people do Fish I fish here came fishing last time but was over on the rock over there…exactly… and I went in the water….seaweed galore. So for the first time on the walks that we’ve done down here on
the trails I did found a piece of garbage dun dun, dun dun dun (sound affects)
here it is! I found it! Let me get this yes don’t judge me for not having gloves
on all right other than that all they see
are feathers and feathers are not trash oh man guys it is super hot and
cold at the same time it is like a massive oxymoron the only garbage that I
ended up finding was this mustard packet I think that’s pretty awesome like
they’re doing whatever they’re doing here whatever either people are super
conscious of not littering or they’re doing a really good job of keeping it
really clean out here which is awesome we traveled um through half a Spooner
it’s like a loop it goes in a circle um and we didn’t find anything there’s so
much I do believe the word is sediment it we throw the magnet in and when you
pull it back out there’s just gobs of it’s magnetized dirt I’m gonna look that
up I have no idea what it’s called or why it does that but there wasn’t really
much to show so there’s no point in showing it um but we are going to go to
Cave Rock we haven’t decided stay tuned hi guys so we decided to go to cave rock
again somewhere I have never been every single time I come to Tahoe I go to Sand
Harbor it’s just my my go to everything that I’ve ever done in my life my family
I’ve always just gone to Sand Harbor so look at is just gorgeous I love love
love Lake Tahoe it is so beautiful here we’re gonna go down to the docks right
now the people here at Cave Rock they let us in for free…FOR FREE, that’s awesome
so we’re gonna go down there we’re going to magnet fish a little bit and see what
we can find here’s the dock that we’re going to be
magnet fishing off of Casondra is already down there she’s like I’m out of
here I’m busting out of this joint I need to get my fishing on up there is
cave rock let’s go down with Casondra and
Stephanie and see what they catch. all right she’s gonna pull it out of the
water.. you stop being a pervert… It’s a crusty what is that it’s like a bottle
cap that’s been eroded for I don’t know maybe it’s like I think it’s a bottle
cap that’s really heavy anyways I’m gonna try to clean this up a
little bit see what it is Come on Stephanie Casondra pulled something out the first try, don’t let me down I know you are used to fishing for real fish I FOUND A SCREW! Yes, a screw…nice [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Stephanie got the magnet stuck. She had to take her pants off but I won’t show that part she’d be pretty mad. [laughing] She’s gonna go get it…hey guys, I had to come in the water [shivering]…are you
so cold that and you can’t even function? No, it’ so cold. It’s the first day of summer, but it doesn’t feel like it. actually had to take off your shirt and
pants the trooper that she is. I love you I love you so much Hello little piece of garbage. You think you can escape me? I do not think so. AH HA!!! I find you. I always find you. well there’s some garbage for you
someone’s t-shirt someone is out there running around topless oh my god
hi guys we’re on our way home oh my god so much stuff happened when I
was over trying to help Stephanie because she got our magnet stuck
unbeknownst to myself Casondra was having the same issue she was a over on the other side wadding into the lake because
her magnet also got stuck so it was just magnets stuck kind of day so we spent a
lot of that time doing that so yeah It was straight tragedy, she is over here… soaked Stephanie’s back there soaked and
she’s hungry and miserable so we’re going home and gonna we’re gonna eat it
was a good day yeah well I agree and this is MagNeat.O… Peace out

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