Heat Shaped Island 2 – Saltwater Fly Fishing in Okinawa Japan ソルト・フライフィッシング

Heat Shaped Island 2 – Saltwater Fly Fishing in Okinawa Japan ソルト・フライフィッシング

three-hour flight from Tokyo will take you
directly to Ishigaki Island, a hub to other islands in Sakishima Archipelago,
westernmost part of Japan. You then take ferry from Port Ishigaki, then you are there: heart-shaped island exterior of the island is shallow made
of a coral reef and sandy surf keeping big ships away most of the interior of the island is farmland raising wagyu carves and there are only 200 residents ocean is kept unharmed and
even the main transportation is a psychological bicycle fly fishing is a sport using world real
and weighted line to cast a fly to catch target bitch fri is imitation intended to mimic the
motion of a live bait will stimulate wish hard enough so the fish strikes it
with his mouth she’s using material least damaging the
environment and fly fishing is a slow cycle with practice with releasing
position so you won’t impact the population of
fish fly fishing in the ocean is only an
extension of what’s done in river or lake to make it successful same thing supply you all to find where
officiates read the water approaching to cost in
position do the cast and make presentation to fish if you’re lucky your fish takes your
offering and you can catch your trophy of the day if not then you can take that
as a learning experience for punishment for your audience yeah and yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah fishing on the island has been very
productive why I come to this island is about
specific target on fly giant trevally I haven’t seen a single trevally on the
hardship island here so i decided to take a trip to nearby island refresh my memory of what the official
look like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah in this short trip I have seen giant
trevally feeding small bait fish in the history of the island now I have to feed
the vision back to the one last game i have left on the hardship the am i have used the best of my
experience information and fish senses to come to this particular spirit giant
trevally is coming into shallow on the rising tide for only a bit more so I’m going to get all this one last
time yeah yeah out of the long silence good-sized
antibody came out of the blue chasing my flower to get violently a rush out of a
shadow the fish slip right out of my head yeah man fish is separated by million years
of evolution man thinketh . to fish then again arrogance of the man was
easily crushed by the might of simple life yeah anytime I have to challenge us again fly fishing is after all game of catching fish but then I wanted
is you will be meeting fish out of water officially me into this heart-shaped
violence yeah yeah yeah

8 thoughts on “Heat Shaped Island 2 – Saltwater Fly Fishing in Okinawa Japan ソルト・フライフィッシング”

  • Amazing video! Very interesting, got me hooked to whole video. The trevally coming of the hook was very unlucky, like you said, it was the partly the gopro's fault haha. To most anglers, loosing any fish big or small means suffering the same pain as loosing that trevally however, don't worry you will catch an even bigger one soon.

    Tight lines!

  • Great vid! I'm actually heading to Kerama Islands next week, so I'm wondering if some of the same species might be on offer.

  • Awesome video! What sort of fly rod/reel size and weight are you using? I'm heading to Okinawa and can't decide if i should buy an 8 or 10 at (or both) – tight lines!

  • Although im not a fly fisho , as a lure fisho i share the same feelin of excitement in every anticipated trip. Cheers!

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