Gulf Oil Spill’s Impact on Fisheries, Sea Life

Gulf Oil Spill’s Impact on Fisheries, Sea Life

Dr. Daniel Pauly, world-renowned fisheries expert Deepwater Horizon explosion Workers building the Subsea Oil Recovery System NASA satellite image of the oil slick Oil bubbles A dead drum fish in Long Beach, Mississippi A dead sea turtle in Pass Christian, Mississippi International Bird Rescue Research Center, Fort Jackson, Louisiana Fishing boats in Venice, Louisiana Florida coast Venice, Louisiana Boats and oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico Oil containment boom in Shermon Cove, Florida Breton National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana Birds on Breton Island, Louisiana Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

26 thoughts on “Gulf Oil Spill’s Impact on Fisheries, Sea Life”

  • It may be more than a year. We can say goodbey to every living thing in that area of the Gulf. One point not mentioned is we depend on the ocean for air!.

  • I live in Tampa and have friends all over the Louisianna coast. This shit is sickening. Seriously aweful and just gonna get worse. Thanks, BP. Thanks Oil corporations. And above all, thanks to all of us humans reliant on this nasty resource.

  • Boycotting BP doesn't get to the root of the problem. We HAVE to reduce our dependency on oil. It's the only way to make sure something like this does not happen again.

  • @andrewantosik Do you honestly believe you can just boycott BP? They distribute oil to refineries from different companies… if you intend on boycotting BP then you had better stop using any products made from petroleum by ANY company. That means you stop driving cars, using the bus, flying in planes… and what about the industries that rely on petroleum power in order to function (which is almost EVERYTHING), are you going to boycott them too just to get at BP?

  • Today I'd read on Discovery Channel daily schedule that they will show a program on the engineering challenges actually been faced in the Oil Spill disaster and corresponding clean-up (Clean-Up???). Let's check it, because I suspect some disinformation and misleading could be possible here, due to the actual media black-out. I hope they present a really transparent version with the problem of the difficulty in containing the super-high pressure above 20000 psi.

  • thing is when you drive ur, cars u support the Gulf Oil Spill/it gives oil companys there money when you fill your car with gas

  • @omegahunter9 No that just means all you have to do is stop buying BP theres other companies you can buy .Theres a lot of people that stop going to BP gas stations around here that just means that they are not going to support what BP did and they have choices to go else where and support that company instead..there is others out there besides bp.

  • @goodlife404 I'm not sure you completely understood what I meant. Have you considered that even if you don't buy from a BP gas station, you may still be buying their product? You said "they are not going to support what BP did" so what exactly did they DO that was so horrible? Seemed like a tragic accident to me, or do you hold BP accountable for those 11 human lives lost? As in, do you accuse them of purposefully allowing those 11 people to die along with the economic devastation afterward?

  • @omegahunter9 yes but you see, BP made this mess. We shouldn't help them clean it. It was they're fault for the oil spill and why should we help? They cant just sit there living on like they're nothing going on, and expect that everyone will clean this mess up for them.As i don't know about the 11 lives taken from this mess, but im not saying the death was BP's fault though. i'm Just saying that If they made this mess, They need to do something and CLEAN IT.

  • @moofeverx3 Yes they made the mess. I don't know about you, but I think it's wrong to let our environment suffer more just to 'punish' BP for what went wrong. BP is already doing all they can, our protests, boycotts, our refusal to help isn't going to make our environment get better, and this situation is on a scale beyond what BP can deal with all at once. They can do it themselves, but withholding help will just damage our environment by letting the problem take hold longer.

  • shame on us! we voted for off shore drilling, now look what happened because we trusted big oil men!jokes on us and we still are trusting them by leaving them the head of this MAN MADE DISASTER cutting corners to save them money hhmmm!!
    Greed for all this! was it worth it we ask

  • @andrewantosik
    hi! Let's not forget that the Dutch government offered help on the 3rd day of this disaster. 12 plus other nations with super capabilities offered their help too, which the US refused. The oil could have been partially being vaccumed up early on by huge empty oil tankers just sitting around somewhere. There was bureaucracy using The Jones Act as an excuse. There are stories everywhere on why we didn't accept the help offered to us.

  • Has this man considered the oil eating microb solution…Please let me know if this has been considered. If not why not !

  • no need of batteries in electric cars at all, Nicolas Tesla made a piece arrow working with wireless electric power in the 30's with a electric motor powered by antenna, the car reached 90 mph wich was far above any car speed of this time. Check Wikipedia for: Tesla electric car

  • @WTFp0s it isnt that bad!?! its wasin up on europe right now and barrels and barrels a day are being spewd out in a big hole on the ocean floor killing marine life

  • As long as there is oil and money to be made from oil, alternative methods of energy will always be on the back burner.

    Once the oil runs out, those that control it will already have control of the "alternate" methods. We the Plebs will always be under the control of and at the mercy of the energy owners.

    It's the Golden Rule. … He who has the Gold, MAKES the Rules.

  • Who do you think is driving the ANTI-NUCLEAR campaign?

    The oil companies!

    How many Nuclear accidents has the world had in the last ten years?

    How many Fossil fuel accidents has the world had in the last ten years?

    Which one is the safer alternative?

    They argue that if we have a nuclear accident the damage will go on for years.

    Like as if this Gulf oil spill will be cleaned up overnight! It will continue to affect the world for years to come!

  • The gulf's surrounding ecosystems are fucked. There's no better way to put it. I live on the west side of south Florida, soon that oil will get to us and all the animals will die. This disaster is going to take decades to fix.

  • @SkyCanopus 250 million gallons of oil and the use of dispersants caused the death of the sea life.. you should be pist about the spill because in reality it was the cause

  • When the wicked rule, the people mourn. No, the government (Satan worshippers who are holding governmental offices) and the BP corporation (Satan worshippers who are running the company) will not allow something that really works and doesn't cause suffering and destruction. They enjoy causing suffering, poverty, disease and death, especially when they gain wealth and power in the process of causing it. Wake up! We are in a major war on this planet. The Satanists are destroying everything.

  • i will investigate all this information for my science fair…. i know some of u think that the problem is that the boat exploted,well that is one of the things but the most important is that all aquatic plants and animals died,look at he fish in video,he couldnt breathe,so he died 🙁

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