GROSSBARSCHFLUSS?! 🎣❤️ Angeln & Fischen an der Lek in Holland (Zander, Hecht, Barsch)

GROSSBARSCHFLUSS?! 🎣❤️ Angeln & Fischen an der Lek in Holland (Zander, Hecht, Barsch)

Good morning from the river lek It’s my home water Today we are fishing with Steef Meijers You are a very experienced guide here We write the name of your website in the description Because you have a guiding company here in Holland Yes, like you in Austria You are one of the most popular guides here With a lot of know how You are doing this since 10 years, right It will be very hard to get fish because it is summer But we will catch fish today! But it will be work! But you are good anglers So we will catch a few of them! Thanks Steef, Petri Heil! Let’s go! Well, first spot for today We fish small lures Jigheads with 15 grams More passive fishing than jigging A very cool spot The same as we know at home There is a big floodgate And now we are in the area what is subject to the tides What means that here comes ebb and flood daily But after the floodgate there are no tides But we will catch some fish now! Well, first fish After 10 minutes fishing Some fail strikes On the 9cm shadteez On this natural perch colour Right lure Small nice fish Let’s put em back Yess Nice perch Steef A small perch There are many of them So cool! A new lure but always the small ones Every small perch destroys my new bait I’m not searching this ones, but we catch fish! We catch fish! Good perch! Around 35cm i think Here it is, nice perch! Nice strike! This mouth! Unbelieveable! Nice! A better fish One of the best fish so far Next fish Nice zander Not the biggest, but brutal strike Directly on the edge With Ricky the Roach In a very natural Roach colour Nice fish, let’s release it Nice, Petri Heil! Petri Dank! Very nice so far Yes, nice fishing! A few perch, a few zander Now we change the spot In the area where is no tides No we are waiting for the sluice process It’s new for us Not done so far in river danube An awesome big area here! it’s enough for a lifetime Yess! Wow, a zander! A nice fish! Megastrike! Petri Heil! Yes, a nice perch On the hypoteez in the colour ‘dirty harbour’ Let’s put em back Looks great! He really wanted the bait! Another nice one! The 3rd day in Holland comes to an end We caught a lot of fish today! Awesome day! Neverthless a hard day Very windy And it’s summer Very tough fishing But we caught a lot of fish anyway Zander, perch a smaller pike But very hard because of the wind But great river, very nice fish Yes, lek is awesome! When everything is perfect, you can catch the fish of your life! And tomorrow New fishing grounds Another new area But we will see.. Big pike Big perch Thank you Steef! Petri Heil!

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