GoPro (sorta) unboxing for Magnet Fishing and Nevada Adventures

GoPro (sorta) unboxing for Magnet Fishing and Nevada Adventures

hi YouTube okay so I got home from work
and we have presents we got some gifts well not gifts because it gifts to
ourselves um but we got a GoPro and we got some accessories and I’m gonna unbox
it here now and see if it works out and I bet if I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be
much much much better than filming from a phone
guarantee you that we did already open excited I didn’t want to make sure that
we order a lot of things there’s no time what could have been in here then I box
it it comes out with baby clothes you have no idea so it is the GoPro we
bought this a couple of years ago like right fairly early um things that I like
about our GoPros or what we look for in our accessories is that we try to buy
by our friendly meaning it’s not super expensive and we research online what
people say about it how it works and what it does so we kind of buy from
there so that we can make better products so right now I’m going to open
this [spit sound]….[grrooosss] don’t judge me [hold please…sound of chair moving as Casondra gets up from the table Lets try to get this open and of course it’s Casondra proof, excellent [I just want you to open] Alright, here is the GoPro, what I did like about this unit we when we bought it…I am to seconds from ripping the F out of this box…
is that it came with a watch so that you can manually manually start
it and of course I don’t really know how to work it right now that’s what this is
for but I will at some point in time but I did the research that I did online so
that this is very helpful and I’m really excited to look into it we got some
batteries extra battery I think their batteries an apparatus to hook it up I
don’t know what that is this is probably a case I hold on to it and make sure
that it’s safe from the water so as you can see there is just a ton of things
that I have to open up and figure out I do believe most of it is just cases or
cartridges to apply to like your hat or something else in one of these
accessories that we have so that’s kind of neat so we can change in and out we
have all USB port to charge it and a whole bunch…what is this? I’m going to assume this is what we
charged it with the old batteries so again here use your GoPro really excited
to use it I’m also afraid to do anything staying on their until I figure out how to take
it off but that’s that’s really cool I’m really excited the next video that we do
is going to be from this GoPro next on our list is the accessories I actually
have no idea what’s in this we just kind of bought a hodgepodge I do believe this
was around twenty-five dollars and the GoPro was around 70
but we got it on sale for about 60 so again it’s in my opinion it’s not as expenses of as the other ones and that’s what we kind of liked about it
but it has the features that we need to create better videos [crinkling sounds] [sound of scissors cutting] I don’t play, stuff needs to be open Alright, so another cleaning, like wipe or nappy cleans off the GoPro and some more 5,000lbs of accessories hoping this this works for this GoPro
who knows I don’t want a universal or not we are gonna buy another one and so
if it doesn’t come with as much accessories as the kit actually came
with hopefully it this one will fit um and you’re going to try it out make sure
it doesn’t leak that would be horrible Oh! I think this is for your car I think you can add it to your car before you use it, hey Leanna that is pretty cool. I actually was trying to get one of these for us for our phones. This is what I am looking forward to personally. It is it’s a floaty for your GoPro and if you drop it in
the water it’s buoyant you can find it You know, Leanna and I are both kind of like butterfingers to some sort of extent so having this is going to be really really
helpful for us and this obviously goes around the wrists
100% looking forward to this I think this is going on your head cuz if this goes on your chest, we have a problem It’s like a thong for your boobs so I’m hoping this
goes on your head Thong for your boobs [hahahah] excellent!!! I am hoping it goes on your head. Yeah I think it does. Which is awesome. I’ve actually really wanted one of these
I was gonna actually buy this by itself but now that came to this accessory
package I don’t have to I might have to buy one for Leanna if she likes it but I
definitely really want one of these but I also want a bodice one so that when I
film I could have two kind of angles but we’ll see if that’s in here. And the
last product is the bodice. And the last product is….the bodice. It is bigger, so that is more accurate and it goes on here strap on the GoPro so again just
got home found these packages and, not really a surprises for us again not really
surprised to be bought it but I was really excited when I got home and I
really wanted to open it and we’re gonna try all these out where you’re gonna see
us using it we’re gonna point it out we’re gonna say hey here’s our here’s
our little watch that we usually here’s our little GoPro and we’re gonna give
you a little update in like a week or two to show you if it’s actually worth
anything we’re gonna link all of these items or really the two items the
package and the accessories and that GoPro down below in the link so you guys
can check them out on your own again we tried to buy cautiously because these
things can be really expensive a lot of things can be expensive a lot of us
accessories and the GoPros and the magnets and the rope for the magnets they can
essentially be expensive so we’re not trying to be about that we’re trying to
get the biggest bang for our buck basically we’re trying to get a good
product that’s not gonna kill our bank account and so again below is gonna be
the link and we will definitely update you on if it’s worth it. I’m going
to make a wager that it is I did my own research especially on this product and
that’s why I’m so excited to use this thank you for tuning in please feel free
to subscribe we’ve had some really good views and really good suggestions and
that only helps us and we’re so so excited about that um thank you so much
for logging in and this is MagNeat.O

2 thoughts on “GoPro (sorta) unboxing for Magnet Fishing and Nevada Adventures”

  • lol that beginning with the flying text <3 love it.

    also… "It's like a thong for your boobs" haha!

    Super cool you are upgrading equipment. It's always so fun doing all that. How are you guys editing the footage?

  • I film all my magnet fishing from my phone. Today's cell phones have awesome cameras! I'll have to check out some of your vids! Keep magnet fishing!

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