Golden Snapper The forgotten snapper

Golden snapper are a fantastic fish and they are prolific in New Zealand they can be found anywhere from 20 metres deep out to hundreds of metres deep but they are most commonly found by recreational anglers in the 40 to 100 metre depths and they usually show up as a thick cloud of fish holding up off the bottom when they are schooling like this they are often mixed with Tarakihi and Pink Maomao which are also great eating fish golden snapper will readily take a jig or a slow jig and with jigs in this depth you’ll often hook kingfish but on light tackle thats not always a good thing I’m getting smoked up here unfortunately I don’t think it’s a snapper yip, gone! but if you target golden snapper with a ledger rig and you use small circle hooks you’ll catch plenty of golden snapper but you’ll also pick up regular snapper and other good by catch like Tarakihi and Pink Maomao the pink maomao a fish we don’t often catch becuse you need those small hooks they live in deep water a real delicate white flesh small bait this time, Golden snapper, don’t put your fingers in it’s gills they’re like razor blades you hold him by the mouth the most important thing to remember when you catch a golden snapper is they have razor sharp gills so handle them with care golden snapper are great eating and make a nice change from eating normal snapper but, there is an extra row of pin bones to remove from the fillet so take care when filleting and for filleting demonstrations as well as easy to follow ‘how to’ videos on all the techniques you’ve just seen including baits knots and rigs you can watch it all for free at or download the free ultimate fishing app

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