Gilkicker Beach fishing uk EXTREME Windy angling

Gilkicker Beach fishing uk EXTREME Windy angling

say we fishing at gill kicker today.
really windy so broughtyou around to this shelter area.
so i could show you wont be able to do much talking today .
because the wind is just insane, bad. hopefully get a cod or a ray thats what we
after today. spotted or a nice little coddling to take
home. show you while i can .
its a bit windy down here today. thought id show you how to bait up.
im using sandells and lugworm,. what i do with the sand eel.
get him a little bit warm in your hands still frozen at the minute.
nick him straight through the tail. pull the hook back ythrough.
and i take the hook. turn away towards the head.
up and out the gills. just nic him like that and pull the line tight.
just like that. use bait elastic.
just like this. not to much dont want to mummyfy it.
just a little bit all the way along. half hitch loop pull it .
wola. just snip the tail off.
snip just in front of the gills there, just like that thats how i fish a sandeel.
other bait we are using is some lugworm i dug.
big fat lug. get hold of him.
straight through. decent sized whitting.
going into the bucket. whitting 38cm
too windy.

5 thoughts on “Gilkicker Beach fishing uk EXTREME Windy angling”

  • Good effort Shaun in very tough conditions and that 38cm Whiting was a beauty. Not a bad Pout either. I wish all the Whiting we catch were that size. Yum Yum 🙂 I've never fished Gillkicker so i had a look at the area using google 'satellite' map. Looks well tasty. Plenty of current run there i reckon with the Isle of Wight creating a funnel effect. I think you are in the ideal location to make videos because it looks like you live in one of those places where you can always find somewhere to fish, no matter what the conditions are. Sweet. I like the outro at the end of the video. Very cool and the subscriber numbers are on the up too. It's all good. Hope the breathing has sorted itself out now ? Catch up with you again soon. Tight lines. Billy 🙂

  • Good vid bud , I love fishing kicker when it's a bit ruff uv had my best bass out at night with a chop on she went 8.6lb and went back and 6.6lb 5.2lb 5lb 4.9lb all on the same night to whole Mac 10/15 yards out top spot

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