Ghillie || Episode 2: Braelangwell Lodge, Spring 2019

So, we’re here again at Braelangwell Lodge in
Sutherland and the boys are just unpacking and we’re hoping to catch a few
spring salmon this week! You tend to just switch off and just
immerse yourself in this beautiful environment, beautiful River and you’re
completely cut off from society. You are just in the middle of nowhere
and enjoying the company of all your friends, by the river- there’s
just nothing that beats it. So some of the guys on the trip haven’t
caught a salmon before and we’ve got some good conditions- we had some rain
last night and hopefully we can catch someone their first fish, which would be
absolutely great. When you’re down by the river with all
your best mates, casting away having fun, drinking beer, there’s just nothing
better, for me. It’s something that is very special and I will never grow tired
of it. I’d definitely recommend salmon fishing to
anyone who hasn’t done it before. Just get online, get on FishPal, book it, go. It just is the most fun, amazing trip. Get outside with your buddies and go fishing!

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