From Hawkeye to Rehabilitating Injured Marine Mammals – University of Iowa

I love working with pinnipeds. Sea lions
are just a wonderful species to work with. I never tire of watching them and
trying to get them better and return them back to the ocean. I work at the Marine Mammal Care Center
in San Pedro, California. We take in the animals from
all over Los Angeles County. We can have animals that are suffering from
traumatic injuries like shark bite. We can have issues where we have animals
suffering from a toxin in the water and our goal, of course, is to diagnose and
treat them and return them to the wild. The University of Iowa program stood out
because the program is geared at least in part to veterinarians. It was flexible
it was geared towards what I wanted to learn and what I wanted to do and it
worked out really well for me. As we get into March, April, May, and June
we will reach capacity which is about 125-135 animals.
It’s a little bit of individual animal care like you would find in a
small Animal Hospital. It’s a little bit of population and herd management. I think measuring success—having veterinary students come, having the
public come by and learn something, changing the way somebody thinks about
the ocean ecosystem what we do on the planet—you know those are things that
happen here and to me that’s equally as important as returning
an animal to the wild.

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