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He is seasoning it by throwing it. Hello lovely people. Okay so we were going to do the best selling prawn linguini dish with beautiful langoustines from Jamie’s Italian, right. It’s our number one selling dish but we can’t because the sauce actually takes too long. Too much love, too much care, too much tension. If you want it coming to the restaurant but we’re going to give you something really quick that’s kind of on the same sort of vibe. We’re going to cook some freshly made linguine from Jamie’s Italian but you could use dry, no problem. And I’m going to do some garlic, some chili. We’ve got our langoustines here and our prawns, beautiful prawns. You ready? Off we go. 3 minutes, that’s what we’re going to do. He’s putting olive oil in there. Gennaro’s got some dried chili to get that lovely flavor going and finally slice some garlic. We’re going to use parsley and some basil absolutely delicious. A little shake of white wine and we will be laughing. This is one of those lovely energetic pasta that you can do super, super quick. You’ve got chili’s, you got the garlic, you got the olive oil. Let it start roasting. If you come over here these are langoustines which are beautiful. Go straight through and then straight through the half like that and then what you’ve got is the flavor in there. Now once you get in there we can take that little vein out and we can take this little sort of sack out here, which we can remove. Everything else is completely edible. Just a little bit of olive oil. Some prawns and we’re going to get that back in the oven. So that is [tomatoes] the base right. I’ve got the traditional cherries here but as it starts to fry up, we can you know just throw it around. This is half cook now and then we can go in with the tomatoes. Just like that. So very fresh, the seafood will be perfectly cooked and the tomatoes will just been loosened up and softened, so back in the oven we go. Want me to slice up some parsley? [Yes] I’ve finely sliced the stalks and I’ll roughly chop the leaves. Like that, the stalks don’t throw them away they’re really, really good just finely slice them and then what we can do is add just a little bit of white wine not much at all. Just a tiny little drizzle, goes in to loosen up the flavors, the oil, the juice coming out the tomatoes. I put the stalks in as well. He’s seasoning it by throwing it. Oh look at that. So we’ve got some boiling water here and of course if you’re using linguine from home follow the pack instruction. So we’ll just put a little lid on get that boiling. It’s only going to take one minute to cook. Look at that. This is a dream. It’s ready. You’re going to see him take the linguine and the water is going to drip into here and at the same time I’m going to add a little bit more extra virgin olive oil culprit. And the oil and the hot water and the juices from the tomato and the langoustine and the prawns. It’s all going to come together to make this silky light beautiful sauce. This one. This is so good. Come on. You can do it. Yes, yes, yes absolutely. Here, just a little bit. There you go. That’s what we’re talking about. A quick prawn linguini. If you want to have the one that involves the sauce that we spend hours on, then come it’s James Italian because that’s quite a lot of work but this is a quickie. Delicious. Very good. Delicious. You get the sweetness from the tomatoes but also you get the flavor really quickly from the shell of the langoustine that you can pull out the meat that’s so sweet. Oh my god. Mmm thank you for making my dinner tonight. Prawn and langoustine linguini with a little white wine, tomatoes, herbs and a lot of love. Ciao. you

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