Fly Tying The Angler’s Art   Episode 313
local_offerevent_note September 24, 2019

account_box Gilbert Heid


3 thoughts on “Fly Tying The Angler’s Art Episode 313”

  • hiya mate,yea i was totaly gutted when i learned dave had passed away,i noticed on later episodes u can see him loosing weight and wasnt to good,god bless him,a real loss,we miss u dave.steve i donloaded a load of these ages ago so keep a look out as im going be uploading them all and there is a lot.please continue to enjoy them steve,all best tu and family steve god bless.

  • I have only seen from the first time Caroline Sells joined you, I had not realized that Dave had been in the earlier series. Thanks for doing this, it has helped immensley.

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