FLY TV – Nymphmaniac (Nymph Fly Fishing for Grayling)

79 thoughts on “FLY TV – Nymphmaniac (Nymph Fly Fishing for Grayling)”

  • Done it again. You guys always cover what gear, tackle, handling techniques. As well as great fish and great cinematography.

  • Really really missed the fly fishing videos so this episode was very welcome. Enjoyed it but need moreeee 🤣👍

  • Thanks for all your nice comments, we have more fly fishing videos coming soon! 😍 What would you want us to film this year?

    And oh, here’s how to tie the flies used in this video:

    Thanks for watching! /Pontus Sjölund

  • Not sure did i missed it, but did you say how high or low you put that strike indicator? Thanks for this video 👍👍👍

  • Man, I can't tell you guys HOW much I missed this kind of content on kanalgratis… Thank you!

    Maybe it would be possible to show Cecilia Grönberg, or formats like Fishing in the middle of sweden again

  • Very nice!! We fish for grayling all the time and this video was great. I will definitely try out your nymphing tips. Keep the videos coming!

  • This Video is absolutely wonderful. The scenery is beautiful and the shots made are so astonishing.

    Keep it up guys
    Greetings from Germany!

  • Great episode! Would have enjoyed a more detailed description about nymphrods/lines and setup in general. How to connect every line, tippet, rings and so forth..

  • Amazing video, Guys! Cato forgot to mention the Østerriket-Ungarn fly, but except from that it is perfect!

  • Class movie guys looks like you had fun, I agree on your patterns simple but deadly, I tie a ridiculously successful pheasant tail pattern I'd post you a pic if I could, tight lines more of this please and trout, oh by the way love the maniac got one last week it's amazing vision u nailed it 💪

  • Another top quality video. Camera work is amazing, some great shots and the lads in the video are entertaining. Thanks as always. Love the channel 😊

  • What did you add to the leader to color the strike indicator? Looked like a wax paste. Seems like a great way to Euro Nymph!

  • Why dont you boys come to czech republic to check the nice little czech land with an opportunity to fish grayling and trout and also to see by your own eyes how people can fuck the rivers up? Also…beer

  • omg… professionals talking about "balancing the rod"…… they should know that thats just noncense….

    Here you have it if you guys didnt know… 😉

  • Bonjour, je pêche l'ombre en France et j'aimerais savoir où trouver la graisse de couleur que vous mettez sur le bas de ligne, merci beaucoup

  • Great video and so much fun to see Cato and Jarkko sharing their knowledge. Would love to more euro nymphing!
    My favorite nymph must be a Franchie with salmon pink hot spot collar.

    Thanks guys!

  • I like the all the tips and flies i just picked up one of those nymph maniac rods and ill take all the tips i can get i live in eastern canada and almost everyone uses floating strike indicator (bobbers) nymph fishing.

  • thank you for this video and the presentation of the product vison that I love very much. I had the pleasure of having nymphmaniac in my hands when you came to France at the Sanama Salon . really finished . thanks for the explanation of this technique of nymph to the thread that this practice for some years in france as everywhere in europe and elsewhere , but no bcp video also detailing had been realized . Thank you again to you .

  • Really nice! get out and do more films, everything works! Fly-tying is good! I'd like to see saltwater fishing for perch, how is that done?

  • Fun video, guys! Really enjoyed seeing the techniques, fish and your comments are very enjoyable. The closeups and explanations of the flies was great, also. I also liked seeing the Finnish countryside of the river – gorgeous. Leaves me wondering if my relatives ever fished there. The only thing I did not enjoy was the music – didn't match the videos activity or theme. I'd rather listen to the natural sounds of the river, much more experiential as it was happening. Thanks for your discussion of your equipment – rods and flies. I learned alot! Fun video – your demos of the polarization was great, also. Good luck in your competitions! Thanks! I've subscribed!

  • Great video! Thanks for posting. Just to be sure, the indicator is a two tone braded type of indicator. And the wax is to enhance the colour for better visibility. Or do apply the wax on coloured monofiliament?
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  • Excellent video. Relaxed style of presentation, great location and good balance of technical information. Well done!

  • Great video. Informative and great shots of fishing and scenary! Keep it up! How about a nice atlantic salmon video? Or some nice dorado from south America!

  • When competing i use almost the same selection. With few variations. I like it simple same as you did it here. Good job really

  • Lovely video: both beautiful and informative. Could you tell me if the only sighter you use is mono with some fluorescent wax on it? In other words, do you use colored sighter material in addition to the wax? Alex

  • I tye a nymph-maniac which is a mahola type fly that i use at pyramid lake neveda for catching lahotan cut throats
    Largest in 18-20 lb range many 15-16 lb fish check out match the hatch austin leanord got a 32” 16 lb that day we are in the water masters

  • Agree all 3 patterns are a basic start for nymphs,would add a prince nymph,bird's nest & dark lord,tight lines & bent rods

  • Great Video! I visited nymph lessons today and landed some nice trout.
    Though here in my region trouts are not so often to be caught, my best pattern is the gammarus.

  • Gracias por el vídeo, el atado de las mosca muy bien explicado y simple y muy efectiva en su pesca , también algunos datos que voy a poder corregir
    en la forma de de armar la lineas y como equilibra la caña y su carrete ( el lugar es maravilloso ) Linares Chile

  • trout spey (or any UL spey) somewhere in Scandinavia would be extra cool. Published on the Mouching for sure. And any less conventional stuff. Wrasse on streamers, Mullet, and such ^^

  • Really cool video guys. Watched it many times. Awesome underwater shots! Superb! Keep the videos coming please! Greetings from BC, Canada

  • I notice you both used the 10’ nymphmaniac. I just got the 11’ 3wt and wondered why your preference was the 10’. I have yet to use the rod by can’t wait to get it out on the water

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