Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River for Texas Brown Trout in 4K

so as you can see I’m back out here on
the Guadalupe trying getting me some more Brown and rainbow trout still trying
to land the brown trout on the fly rod I haven’t done that yet so I got a bunch
of more lures to try out more nymphs more streamers see what will work I
also brought some spinners for my spinning reel to see if I can entice some
fish to grab that flows are still at 750 cubic feet per second and they
are providing challenge for sure oh my fly almost got the tree perfect cast right
by the edge of the bank bring it across this deep channel where they seem to be
hiding don’t think about flies deep enough and lost a couple flies on some
tree branches with my streamers so I switched to the old Mach crush here it works
pretty good for this river at least I’m a nice light action rod I have about
twenty pound braid tied off the eight pound fluorocarbon it’s perfect gives
you the strength kind of reeled the fish in without having without it breaking
but give you the stealth so they wont be able to see the line the reason I use braids with the light action rod is it’s a lot more sensitive you can actually feel the hits on my lure as far as
my retrievable I’m just changing it up some slow pulls sometimes I just reel
I’m just working it all across the river finally got one I thought it was a rock till it jumped is a small guy but is a fish first one of the day had to move spots wasn’t caching anything at the other spots so I came over here I changed lures, ate a bite and hopefully I can catch one now
are you slow Oh missed it right there nope that didn’t work there we go perfect right in the kill zone there we go new lures working already
the second cast first after I fell down here we go I break out my coast fly
stuff so that way I get them down what is it
Brown or rainbow it hit it pretty good looks like a brownie
brownie first brownie on the fly I don’t want to break the line here I am good at doing that get the net ready good brown come on come on there we go
oh that’s a beautiful fish beautiful fish right there

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