Fly Fishing Rods, Reels & Line : Buying the Proper Case for Your Fly Fishing Rod

Fly Fishing Rods, Reels & Line : Buying the Proper Case for Your Fly Fishing Rod

Hi, I’m Jim from Zoar Outdoor on behalf
of In this segment we’re going to be talking about fishing gear and
especially fly fishing. It is important to protect your rods, after all they’re a valuable
investment and something that you can be able to use for most of your life. I’ve had this
particular rod for example for 20 years. So some fly rod manufacturers will provide a
case with the rod, just as you can see here. But if you have an entry level rod that, for
example an inexpensive fiberglass rod that didn’t come with its own protective case,
just go on down to your hardware store and get a cap and some PVC tubing and you can
setup our own protective case, and believe me these are great, you can drive a truck
over these babies and it’ll protect your rod. Other options and by the way you can
get them in different lengths, of course depending on the length of your fly rods, so this is
a nice 2 piece setup, where this is for a 4 or 5 piece setup. Other options such as
made by Orvis, it’s a delightful little rig, probably no longer made but allow you
to put in a couple of different fly rods and equipment and put your other fishing gear
inside here so that you have a convenient carry system for your gear. If you’re going
out in a boat or if you want something that you can use in a big hurry, this kind of a
unit, which is available from places like Cabelas or Orvis or William Joseph or any
number of other manufacturers, is a wonderful thing to have. You can have a strong fly rod
all set to fish, but it’s protective in a PVC tubing that includes the fly rod as
well. If you’re going out in a situation where you might be using more than one fly
rod for example, a floating line and a sink tip line, you can get a side by unit. These
work really well to protect, it’s got the PVC on both sides and it’s got the protective
padding for your reel. I use this all the time when I’m guiding so we can switch back
and forth between different techniques, such as fishing for rising trout with a dry fly,
or for floating through a section where there aren’t rising trout, we can use the sinking
line with a streamer or a nymphs or a wet fly. So this is really convenient, and it
gives you great protection which is essential for your great gear.

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