Fly Fishing Montana – Beaverhead River

Fly Fishing Montana – Beaverhead River

welcome back to the american outdoorsman
let’s rejoin your host mark tobin and special guest kevin curtes as they
continue to search for big brown trout on the legendary beaver head river this awesome man the brown trout death roll if you know anything about the lewis and
clark expeditions these are rivers that they came out of you want to see something fascinating i tell ya
it cant look a whole lot of different now he has released a hole lot different then it did back then so if you want to experience something
that is just breathtaking this is the place to be five rivers
lodge in montana come see what lewis and clark did almost two hundred years ago they came up here for the fishing okay lets move up a little further real real fast fast oh hes coming back this way did you see that take off he was heading up for that mountain look at that beauty about eighteen here you wanna do it that is a nice fish all right your doing it all might have to go back to net fishing put your finger on it for just a minute and it will stop it guy in alaska showed me that thats a great tip there it stopped sure enough wanna let him go yup yeah hes in good shape not giving you any more advice your on your own inspiring to say the least look at this scenery i mean were casting and looking at the river but every now and then you gotta stop every now and and and look up
at this scenery around here it is awesome what kind of equipment should people bring if its their first time up here if you only have one rod you would want a 9′ travel rod and make sure its a travel rod so you can carry it on the airplane and you want a quality weight for it double fly lines most the leaders were using is 9 foot 3 x or 4 x leaders that’s about thats about 4 to 5 pound tip but uhh that would be it if your bringing up 2 rods i would bring up a 4 and a 6 what about sunglasses oh a must not one two pair why two well look at how dark it is today im wearing my ambers and it brightens everything up and i can see in the water allot better if it was a really bright day i would be wearing my darker ones like a copper or brown color there he is oh man hes a little guy but he sure can fly he can fly thats a brook isnt it there you go i intended to do that hey talk about the important s of polarization well you cant see in the water with out it polarizing let’s see the surface taller so you can see the fish and also um… like were walking i can see underneath the water say if i tripped over a log or something also use flinging us flying back and
forth right from your face good for protection now let’s join five rivers lodge guide jason numac who have moved down river from mark and kevin to fish a different stretch of the beaver head the beaver head river is well known for
the abundance of powerful brown trout although native to europe and western asia the brown trout was introduced into
lakes and streams in the united states one hundred years ago and is now one of
the most widespread fishes of the trout and salmon family brown trout can live in higher water
temperatures and spawned october through december the eggs hatch the following spring what did you get there brown trout nice and tight fish that inside edge if that indicator moves im going to set the hook there he is right off that inside edge nice brown thanks jayce bend thats a nice one yeah let him go going there

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  • You can tell by the loop and the line on the left sid that the guy in the blue jacket doesn’t know how to cast properly .

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