Fly Fishing Legends Banquet Highlights

Alright, I’m Flip Pallot, and old guy, I’ve
been friends with Brian since the 90’s, the early 90’s when he contacted me by fax and
pleaded with me to take him fishing, begged me. I tried to ignore him and wouldn’t take
his calls, but he kept calling and faxing and it was, finally I said ok, we’ll go fishing
and we’ve been good friends ever since then. We’ve done a lot of traveling together, a
lot of fishing together. Learned some life lessons together, at least I did. And I’m
thrilled to be here today, this is the first of what will be a long string of annual events,
and I’m honored to be the first guest for such a series of events, just happy to be
here. This is, I’m just blown away at how special a night this is. I think this has
been such a success for all of us, that we’re going to make this a yearly banquet. And what
a heart warming night this is and I just can’t say thanks enough for all that you people
do for us at Mad River Outfitters so a round of applause for you all. This guy is a hardcore
fisherman, a hardcore gear junky, he’s a hardcore fly tier and again we love him to death. So
it’s my honor to present Angler of the Year to Mike Bowman. Alright, so fly tier of the
year, we’re going to make this into a big deal over the next year and people are going
to have to work hard to get this next year. But the choice this year was very obvious,
so I think we all need to recognize Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flyers. Mike, come on up.
So without further ado friends, I’d like to hand you over to my friend, my mentor, a friend
of Mad River Outfitters, and I think one of the greatest this sport has ever seen and
that’s Mr. Flip Pallot. Who is this guy? I was hoping for a nice introduction. I
think one of the things that got me, or became
one of the benefits of being in this industry, of being a fly fisher was that it gave me
the opportunity to travel to so many wonderful destinations. The guides come to pick us up
in the morning, Ed and I take out our meals with these bright flourescent orange lines
and the guides recoil like we had thrown acid at them. They said you can’t use these lines
here. You had to use these dark brown or green flies. After two days, Ed and I rebelled and
put our orange lines back on and the next day we go down to the river and the guides
are horrified with this rebellion. But the first fish that we saw, boom we caught it.
We started catching these big trout and it was amazing. We come to our last morning,
we were about to leave and the guides come around to say goodbye to us. So I said to
them, I said John, what do you think of these orange lines now? He looked at the orange
line and he said, “You did alright, but think how much better you would’ve done”. The winner
of the 10 weight mangrove fly rod, hopefully going to chase some muskies, cuda, some big
fish in the salt, is 361087. Ryan, a musky fisherman. He did it! Good work man. Good
job man.

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