Fly Fishing in the Norwegian Wilderness

Hello. Out for new adventures. I am just 3 kilometers from where I live. I call this place for Grisepytten (lake with big fish). Because here it is a lot of big and beautiful trouts. And the trout is around now. I have been spotting theme. Just outside here…. There I saw one fish. The fish are very close to land. So, we will sea how it ends. I am ready. And I am looking forward to fish. Awesome. Yes. This is a brown trout. Around 350-400 gram. Beautiful fish. I will put it back now. In to the “Grisepytt” First trout on dry fly is now taken. I took it on an ant. First of all, I had a mosquito on, but one big fly ant was landing on my foot. And I was thinking…. Hmm. Maybe its some of them out on the water. I spotted one fish, casting my fly…. And its say: SHMUCK. Everything went so fast. I didnt make to put my camere on in time. Nice trout. 400 gram. Brown trout. Its perfect. Beautiful fish. Come one. Come to me. I want it on land now. Look at this.

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