Fly Fishing in Calgary, Canada Walking around the city of Calgary

Just landed Calgary and pick car up and driving several minutes from here then, I check in the hotel I feel little bit cold temperature is around 15℃ It’s good for trout I missed booking the car This is not SUV I should make separate the rod to bring in It’s Nissan Sentra regular car That’s Calgary city We booked good place centre of city Calgary, Calgary So we have many things to do around here many bar, pizza shop cool shop, cool bar Today, I have no time for fishing I’m just chilling out on the street It is a very lively and good city. This is “Bird” that is fighting for power with “Lime” who will land in Japan soon. These are the two major powers in Canada. Bird again I’m at cool Indian cuisine I ordered some curry Rolling down street smokin “indo” “indo” is a kind of marijuana made in India and Marijuana is legal in Colorado and Canada. It’s a coffee time in midnight An Americano Lime Lime Lime Automatic kick scooter They will come to Japan Why Japanese company can not do it That is Japanese company

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