Fly Fishing Casting Techniques : Fly Casting Demonstration

Fly Fishing Casting Techniques : Fly Casting Demonstration

ALVIN DEDEAUX: Okay, so here we go. We’re
going to do the whole thing all together. We’re going to pick the line up, put it back
down. We’ll do our false cast and we’ll shoot a little bit of line. It looks like this when
you do it all together. Drop my rod tip, tuck it back under my finger, strip the slack in
that I just shot out. Now, I’m fishing, retrieve my fly, pick it up, false cast, shoot it back
out, tuck it under, retrieve it. All I need now is a fish.

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25 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Casting Techniques : Fly Casting Demonstration”

  • Definitely helps if you get someone who already knows how and have them show you. It's hard to learn the right stroke from watching a video, even a good video.

  • @flytyier11 a big part of fly fishing for me is the casting … i find it relaxing and fun.. i think to many people just wanna Catch Fish and not learn about the casting side of fly fishing. I think the better one casts the better his chances of catching a fish are.

  • @flytyier11 you clearly expressed the kind of unappreciation to this type of fishing. who doesn't like catching fish but every once in a while, everyone gotta respect the skills required by these rods, it's the beauty in fly fishing, exactly why we have it in the first place. It's an art

  • @dookiekong007
    I appreciate fly fishing very much my friend , I spend all winter at the vice just so i can do just that. To someone who is out to catch fish yes there is some skills required but they are not nessesaraly needed right from the start.Like i said before , everyone will develope thier own tech for fly casting , some like the double haul some like the single ,some like the roll ,ans some just want to cast a line to have fun doing it.Trust me i enjoy my fly fishing .

  • @willisbrow I agree that casting is a big part of it but what i want to say is that one dosn't realy need to be a expert caster to enjoy the fish. I too enjoy the casting part but i also enjoy hooking a fish once in a while too. Put someone on a pool and have them stay there all day casting thier arms off with no fish they soon loose thier interest,but put them thier when the fish are there they seem to cain interest in it much faster and want to keep learning and casting beter .

  • When nymphing or streamers/bugger fishing casting is just 5 percent of the whole thing. When dry fly fishing, casting is very important as you want to cast where you see the fish picking up flies.

    Anyway when nymphing your number one priority is the presentation of that fly. It needs to be presented as live as possible, which means NO DRAG! Same rule goes for dry fly fishing where there should be NO DRAG!

    Presentation is the key to success!

  • 90% of my fish are caught within 60ft. You don't have to be able to cast the whole flyine out (although it can help sometimes =p), you just need good presentation and loops on your normal fishing casts. And the way to get good consistency with your casts is practise, so go fishing more. Lots more =]

  • as soon as i turn on this video i knew there would be racist comments i just wanna say fuck all u racists

  • Pick up some line conditioning and it will help. Also use a line straightener for your tippet or leader material to straighten it out.

  • I just bought my first fly rod at a thrift store. I have always wanted to learn but it has been cost prohibitive for me and I have also been put off by many of the same type of elitist snobs and insecure know-it-alls who've left comments here. I am thankful for your video, not just for its informative instruction, but for your ability to make fly fishing seem accessible and fun. Thank you.

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