Fly Fishing Basics – How To Get Fly Out Of Tree

Fly Fishing Basics – How To Get Fly Out Of Tree

Hi. It’s Anni from – fly fishing community When I’m fly-casting it’s not unusual to have my fly stuck in a tree. At least for me it’s a common problem. Often the fly is
tangled around the branch few times on a loop so if you just pull it it’s only
tightens it until the tippet line breaks So how to get your fly out of a tree
when it’s too high for you to reach? You can use the reel of your fly rod to
reach a little bit higher. and it helps if you have a friend so the other one can
bend the tree and the other one can take the fly out of the tree. Now let’s get
out and fishing. On this video you see some awesome trout and you see this tip
used in action. We have a rule. And the rule is, if there’s a fish If you are with the camera you have to run. It’s a cold day. We’ll try a small test to a new river. Mikitänjoki River. I haven’t been here before. It’s supposedly small place. So let’s go and check it out. Cute little trout stream. All right. We are here. We have a team of five today. We have two spin fishermen from Helsinki And then the regulars. I’ll try a green one. It’s early summer,
it’s so green outside. No theory behind that, just a wish. He had already another take.
The fish got away and now the fly is there. Summer is new and fresh and green. I was running so much. First the other fish was on that side. And that was a native wild
fish so we put it back. it was maybe 40 or 45 centimeters we put it back or
maybe 50 I don’t know we didn’t measure it because it was a wild one.
And then mom’s cousin she caught another trout on this side this side of the
stream and I’ve been running back and forth. And I fell as well so now I need
to breathe. Oh, excellent fishermen and ladies, and now you get out there. If you liked this video click the like button and share it with your friends and fishing
buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video. There. If you want to learn more fly fishing
basics I have something useful for you go ahead and download your free fly
fishing cheat sheet with 4 lessons there’s a download link below this video in the
description box it’s free to get

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