FISHING IN THAILAND catching thai fish RURAL LIFE THAILAND thai vlog vlogg วิดีโอตลก ชีวิตมีความสุข

FISHING IN THAILAND catching thai fish RURAL LIFE THAILAND thai vlog vlogg วิดีโอตลก ชีวิตมีความสุข

rural life thailand homestead thai vlog fishing in thailand catching thai fish doc bah welcome to lien toons channel and today
what’s happenin to England vs. Thailand challenge the smart money’s on England so quite a big expanse of water here
with fish just around the corner from here before we caught one huge catfish
and lots of little stuff there’s a lot of fish moving here already toons not
hanging about she’s getting ready straightaway so I better get my skates
on right folks Thailand still getting ready England’s
ready to rock and roll so I’ll just run you through my super scientific rig got
a running lead down to a lint swivel and then I’ve got a meat hook there that’s
tied with a knotless knot down to a slightly smaller hook so that’s probably
a six alright that’s about a 10 tied over five tonne greener and on there I’m
cheating really it’s fishy cotton wool it’s taken Thailand by storm this stuff
so just seen a couple of nice fish chasing some of the fish out there I’ve
done one test cast without the hooks on it doesn’t seem to snaggy so I’m gonna
risk throwing it out there see what happens
little fish jumping all over the place being chased so hopes are high come on
England they all got this in the bag today
Rod’s are all in just had a little catfish on the middle rod here very
small so many fish about well turns got a bite oh dear Thailand if it’s on my rod it counts as mine that
is international rules I’m afraid England rod England fish she’s getting
biased now they’ve found and obey I have to use the same thing Odie Oh getting that are you enjoying cedar
nearly every road in to New England that’s a meow catfish they don’t get a
lot bigger than that probably double the size that’s it there’s some really big
stuff splashing near us so we’re both getting bites now so probably not gonna
be able to do much more videoing till we get them going properly it is just about
to hook into one your not bullshit fishing come over to England wow that is
a good catch people don’t eat them and we don’t their
meat supposed to taste like human flesh all right we’ve got to change your swim
because it just wasn’t comfy where we were before
well I was just was just as we decided to move turn got a nice one but that was
so uncomfortable sitting down on the sloping riverbank so we’ve come to the
place I call it the chub swim those of you guys that fish for chirp in the UK
put a few quid on hooking up here with one this is where we’ve got our giant
catfish last year so hopes are high as always about the halfway stage now not
going great about moving again tunes even start on my rod all right yeah nothing we’re gonna call it a day
air and move somewhere else so change your location and some sluice gates fish
deer last year it wasn’t too bad got some silver fish as well a cow oh
that’s looking lively that is not sure how we’re gonna get down there maybe that side over there and get down
there maybe that’s quite snaggy it’s looking a bit more doable it’s looking too fast around little rods
yeah that’s gonna happen and it’s too fast on it just a bit down
the side we might be able to get down here hmm I know you’re just looking for stones
anyway for you you’re in it than a hook it’s
not happening that’s a lot of water oh well on to the
next one yep that’s a river we know quite well
this is flooded as well you snails for me to get well only one catfish here so
we’re gonna call it a day pretty piss-poor really I’ve got a few
snails the pond and Tim’s gonna get a few more before we go oh we got fish for
dinner mostly catfish still got some dr. fish from the other day can’t believe
you’d keep that still tastes like fish yeah but when you cream your fuck you
fried them you’re not gonna find any maybe you say tale about that no problem
and then three for the back pond so we’ve got to buy got catfish and one
Babel or boo-boo-boo-boo which grows how many kg a lot on it it’s a tough fish it’s not gonna get all
the way home and you’re still hunting catch anything
I caught the devil’s fingernails or the red ones what when for dinner yep but John what style leader leader
leader bamboo white pepper and egg boy up-up-up thanks for watching guys see
you next time

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  • hello Mr Leigh , so what was the out come ?? The English Banta seemed to go quite after the first few fishes, was hoping we would do better in fishing then we do in football… !!

  • A fish that people think tastes like human flesh? Remind me not to go that region – especially when they are hungry 😱

  • วันนี้ไปตกปลาตามลำคลองธรรมชาติ แต่แถบจะไม่ได้ปลาเลย ฝนตกน้ำมาปลาก็หาย แต่ก็ยังได้ปลากรดปลาแขยงมาทอดให้สามีได้กิน ก็โอนะแต่ไม่สนุกอ่ะ

  • you need to dig your own fishing,looking forward to seeing your dream come together.Great channel.

  • Leigh i would be really interested in your expenditure in your build i am in the process now to start my build and would like any advise you can give me Please Your BOTH a delight to watch

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