Fishing for Bluefish

(Sal) lt was a beautiful day out there today.
Unbelievable! Literally every time your sinker hit the bottom,
you came up with was incredible. Look at the smiles on all these guys that
came off the boat– that will tell you something.
(Tim ) ls that a normal day for you? (Customer) Pretty much. This is the boat…this
is the boat! (Tim) No, not the S.S.Minnow, but the Laura
Lee, making up to 3 trips a day,providing an opportunity
for the public to fish fluke, porgies, sea bass
and bluefish just off the coast of Long lsland.
[horn blows] A few tugs on the horn, and it’s out to the
Bay for bluefish. (Tim) How often do you guys come in here from
the city? (Anthony Ciccoto) Two, three times a week
we’re on this boat. (Tim ) Anthony Ciccoto and his son AJ are
regulars on the Laura Lee. They ultimately attribute their
fishing success to her captain.
(Anthony Ciccoto) Kenny’s a good captain. He knows where to go,and he goes out to the
reef, and you’re guaranteed to catch fish with Kenny,
(Tim ) lt seems Ken Higgins, or Captain Kenny, does in fact
know where to go–he heads to the spot where all the birds
are feeding on bait fish. ln the meantime, one of the mates
on board helps Colleen perfect her fishing skills.
(Colleen) Pull it down there?Ok. (Fishing mate) Yeah…
(Kenny) Okay guys, let them down again to the bottom,
let ’em to the bottom. When you throw them out,
reel them fast, 10 to 15 turns off the bottom. When you’re bringing them to the surface,
do a stop and go retrieve, they normally love that.
Good luck. (Colleen ) Alright…that horn means it’s
time to fish. C’mon baby!
(Tim) lt isn’t long before bluefish are literally flying
into the boat left and right! (Fisherman ) FlSH ON!
(Fisher crowd) FlSH ON! (Crowd) Whee…whoo…
(Brad) That’s usually what you say, you say ”Fish On”!
Real loud. Make sure everyone hears you, gets everyone going!
(Fisherman) Fish on! Just reel, reel, reel. Reel fast. Don’t worry.
Keep reeling! Swing him right into the boat, ready, one-two-three,
hold the reel–that’s it, there you go! Beautiful, good job!
(Kenny) Bluefish are a lot of fun. You usually catch
a lot of them, they fight real hard. They pull, they jump. And they’re a lot of
action. People like to catch bluefish for the fun,
for the fight. (Tim) Most of the customers on this boat are
winning that fight.Most of them. (Tim) Nothing more than…a lot of sea weed.
(MUSlC) (Colleen) No luck yet.
(MUSlC) (Colleen ) Whew..this is stressful, l thought
fishing was supposed to be relaxing.
(MUSlC) (Colleen ) Right now it seems a little frantic,
but the captain is actually driving around looking for the
schools of fish. So he’s actually helping us by putting us
in the location where the fish are biting. We’ll see. So far
it hasn’t helped me but these guys are getting lucky. l think
l might be next. (Tim ) Nothing like a little positive thinking
to turn your luck around.
(Colleen) Ahhh! ! Look! !! (Fishing crowd) FlSH ON!
(Colleen) Ahh! Oh my god! (Fisherman ) Reel…reel… !
(Deck hand) Look out! Step backguys! (Colleen) Am l supposed to be reeling?
No he’s gone….he’s gone…he’s totally gone. Am l supposed to be reeling?
(Fisherhand) Yeah! (Colleen) He’s still on! Oh my God…he’s
still on!Ahh! ! Oh! ! Oh…c’mon baby! l can’t reel anymore. Ahh!
! ! Oh my God! Oh my god…look at him!
(Fisherhand) That’s your blue. (Colleen ) Wow! My first fish!
A couple minutes later, and I’m into a fish myself.
(Fisherhand) Now lift it up… (Tim) Ah! That’s a good tip! Good tip.
(Fisherhand) Now stop reeling…lift up just like that…now reel down fast.
(Tim) I should have known that from all the other times
I’ve caught fish. (Tim) Wow….he’s big!
(Fisherhand) Look at the size of that beauty! Alright now…
just a nice easy lift…to flip that around a little bit.
There ya go…good job! (Tim ) Woo! Thanks for the help!Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! With some fish finally in our buckets, there’s
a bit of time to reflect on the why this sport is so appealing.
(Kenny) Watching people catch fish, people laughing, having
a good time, seeing kids catch their first fish.
People come out every week,you get to know them real
well, they become regular customers, and they appreciate
when you take them out and show them a good time.
(Anthony) lt’s great fun, it’s great to take the
boys out, it’s an adventure. lt also keeps them off the streets.
lt gets them involved into the environment and
everything like that. It’s very nice. (Tim ) lf you’re lucky, some fellow fishermen
may even share their trade secrets.
(Jeff) lt’s not a bad recipe if you filet the fish–
you don’t have to take the skin off that way. You just put it skin-side down on an outdoor
grill. And then you take equal parts of the brown
mustard, like Gulden’s mustard and Hellman’s mayonnaise
and you mix it up. And you paint the upper portion
of the bluefish. 12 to 15 minutes. You’ve got yourself a really
good recipe. (Tim) My dinner plans are firm–bluefish on
the grill!

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