Fishermen catch monster 8ft bluefin tuna weighing 600lbs and worth almost £2.7m

Fishermen catch monster 8ft bluefin tuna weighing 600lbs and worth almost £2.7m

Three fishermen were stunned to catch an enormous bluefin tuna more than 8ft long and weighing a staggering 600lbs The giant fish was caught by three anglers from Cork, Ireland, and would be worth almost £2 7m in Japan, where it is a delicacy. It is the largest fish caught by Irish fishermen this year Dave Edwards from West Cork Charters made the catch on Sunday around three miles south of his base in Courtmacsherry, around 30 miles southwest of Cork It’s part of an ongoing catch and release programme aimed at establishing population numbers of bluefin in the Atlantic He and two fishermen, Darren O’Sullivan and Henk Veldman, celebrated with their enormous catch before tagging and releasing it The fish was so large that it had to be measured and tagged while still in the water Dave told the Irish Mirror : “They are much more common up in Donegal Bay where they follow the herring “They are more unusual down here but tend to be much bigger when they do show up “This is the first one caught south of Donegal Bay this year and it really was a big fish ” Dave’s boat is one of 15 along the south and west coasts of Ireland taking part in this year’s catch and release programme It runs from August 15 to October 15, and Dave added: “It’s getting close to the end of the season so we were beginning to lose hope that we would see any “Then on Sunday we had a huge fish on the reel that must have been closer to ten feet but after two-and-a-half hours it got away “We knew they were out there then though and so it turned out when we managed to tag this one ” It comes a week after a British fisherman reeled in Europe’s biggest catfish . Robert Webb, 63, caught the huge 230lb fish while on holiday in Spain It took him 40 minutes to pull in the enormous sea creature, believed to be the biggest mandarin catfish ever caught in Europe

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